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Union Island

Union Island

I am in a love and hate situation, I have actually met four persons on this island that see to care I am here. Tafari, Janis, Cindy and Bert, probably got the name for Bert of Bertram wrong, nonetheless I have met some very nice person.

On the other hand, the big drug dealer offered me a Marijuana Cigarette openly in the middle of the street at about 8:30 in the morning as I was walking around looking for a better hotel, he is big, obnoxious, and assumes I love his type of - hey you - culture, I despise this type of person, like a reminder of all the alcoholic dysfunctional dreams and lives I have lived.


There is a saying the something to the effect that the devil you know is better than the devil you do not know. I am alone here, there is an excellent room, part of the same hotel, which is half the price, 50 EC and has a kitchen for me to use to cook. They had to open it up to show me, it was totally locked shut and not in use, however if I move there I will be isolated, my gut tells me the drug dealers, a big group that hang or - LIME - outside the Clifton Beach Hotel can tell,

- I think they are trash -

Since I am not good at lying or shining person on, they know and can feel, what I think, if I moved down there I would be alone and a target.

This is the boat I took, with a man by the name of John Waldron from Carriacou to Union Island, the cost was 20 EC and an excellent trip, part of the local culture that was wonderful, I am wanting to return maybe to the area called Ashton to see the area, it is a part of the Caribbean that I think is hiding from me, the normal fishing, living and outside the tourist bubble.

This is the standard way to travel the Caribbean, bring your home with you; I think this is standard fare and the more or less backpackers of the Caribbean. I would say for the most part, there is only tourist grade backpackers, only person who are on a path that has a determined time frame, the have decided the amount of time they will spend before they came.

This is the feel, I stuck my head out of the window of the John Waldron boat, there are these pointed peaked hills, very strange and different, and I do not understand the topography here, quite different.

A wooden sailboat, the flavor of life I am looking for and have not found, maybe I was dragged away from it at the pier where the boat stopped on the John Waldron boat, and I did not find a name on the boat.

Barracuda Ferry

This boat must come and leave about three times per week or something, I would be very careful, the cost is 40 EC and seems to be a good deal. I purchased a plane ticket for tomorrow for 95 EC, I would love to take this boat, however seem bleak and lonely without some companionship, I opted to get the hell out of Dodge quicker.

This is the main street, to the right of this photo is where the three times I left the hotel and three times, I was accosted for drugs last night.


Aagh, who need this.

I think this person has to be the naturally nicest person I have met in the Caribbean, her name is Janis, she works in the Kings Landing Hotel, I wanted to move in there just to talk with her and relax, 65 U.S. Dollars a night is high for my blood, plus I am all ready safe, I do not like to move from safe. I know this hotel is good, Janis is good, I just do not want to pay 25 dollars more, I am already paying 20 dollar more tonight than the room has value. The best room is the annex area of the Clifton Beach area hotel for 50 EC; it is just not so safe as one person.

This is Bert, I have no clear idea what he is doing, he says he is from New York City; however, he seems to be working here. He is in the Tourism Office, Janis sent me to talk to Cindy below to get a CD Rom of all the Hotels in the Grenadines or SVG as they abbreviate. He asked-

- How are you enjoying the island? -

He wanted me to give the bull S@#% answer, I should have just said nothing in the end he did not like to know that I did not like the drug dealers in the streets. I look like a person that would do drugs, my hair is long, I am HERE, that is enough provocation to offer me drugs, and I am walking around alone. What can I say, I look younger than I am, mostly the place is full of OLD couple, maybe over 60, I feel very young here.

The man does seem though to want it to end, however he just acts as if they cannot stop this type of problem. I think they need police.

This girl is great, she is like Janis number tow, excellent, happy, smiles and I feel very honest, she will admit what is real.

I have been cracking on them, asking or bleeding information on the travel writers that come here. This is how it works, hard to figure out, especially if you are on not on the take.


A travel write earns nothing, not enough to feed a squirrel, they earn their money in two or three ways and mostly I think they just want to be famous. However, they can come to an Island like this, prepare for the trip by talking with the tourism departments, sell the hotel industry down the river. Portray themselves as working for some major magazine, newspaper, travel agency, tour company, in some way say,

- I am special; I will write you up, make you look good -

One person, I do not want to get them in trouble, this is dangerous for them to discuss with me, I could by accident get them fired. All this hush hush stuff is suppose to always be talked about with reverence, a person is suppose to say,

The have travel writers extort free room, picked up at the airport, made to be guides, do this, do that, suck up, or be inferred, said to,

- I will write a bad thing about you place -

Bert asked, or said,

- You will say good things -

He know the scoop, older, knows that his job is get good public relations, however he probably has not ever met a person that had no desire to be a travel writer, to get free rooms and just write what he thinks.

I said,

- I just write what happens, good or bad-

Cindy said,

- Truth is always the best-

What a great woman, this is perfect.

Nonetheless, travel writer get many a free press trip, free this, I do not know how would ever feel like I could trust a travel writers. Even if I paid them, I would have to know, they can get free what nots if they sell it right. I was telling Craig this, I am afraid, I do not know which way he will go, or how he will portray his site. A person can sell anything to anyone if they want to over promise.

Here is the link to a website that offers many press or travel writer trips, many pay to offer, public relation type thingies, I have been receiving them for year, sort of just ignore, very seldom read, however fun to see what the other side does, and how they fund their travels. I am sure the Caribbean is a top suck up to travel area.

This is Tafari, works in the Clifton Beach Hotel, I like him, the lady at the reception was more than willing to put me in the noisy room, even though I was saying, I do not want to be above the bar.

HE HAS PROMISED, the place will be quiet tonight, he says his jobs is to help clients, I want to trust him, I hope he is correct, I did not move. I wanted to move, however better to stay safe from being robbed, this is a better insurance policy than to move and risk being robbed just to save money. Two years ago, I could not even be here, the cost is extraordinarily high for the pure world value of rooms.

I will see what the sound level is tonight, the music did stop at 12:30 last night, he said 11:30, however every body on the planet needs to know the Manana Syndrome, time is not what you ever think or hear.