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Union Island St Vincent and Grenadines

Union Island St Vincent and Grenadines

- If you want to go to another world -

Nothing more accurate could have ever been said, I want to be anywhere but here.

I am in the Clifton Beach Hotel on Union Island; I left Carriacou Island, in the country of Grenada and came here by boat,

There is Karaoke in the oceanfront side of the bar, I have tried to ignore, however I was trying to avoid the front room, however the lady said there was not another room, therefore I tried to work with them, I am in one of the worst rooms in 9 years of travel.


Three times, I have walked outside the hotel on the streets; trying to do something until the noise stops, three times a person has come up and said,

- I am the man, I have what you need-

Gonga, Cocaine, Crack, Women.
(NOTE: I do not think a nice local girl can talk to me or she is considered a prostitute.)

This is not a new type of offer, except for the crack; I am not normally offered crack cocaine, except now in the Caribbean.

The last time I went out, the man said, I have it if you

- Want to go to another world -

I want to go to another culture on the planet, I am not enjoying being the only tourist, and I can see why everyone goes to resorts. I do not like to avoid the local cultures, however so far I can say, I am not enjoying this overpriced, low value for the buck trip into the Caribbean. There is nothing here about the culture that is interesting.

My thought earlier, was more tolerant, an older very white lady, barefoot, wrinkled face, frustrated come strolling out of the back room area, where I wanted to be. She come shaking her hear, points at her arm, says in sign language, the music is too loud to talk.

- It is 12.-

Then I go for a walk and the man just outside the Clifton Beach Hotel, (There is no beach) says the words I will never forget.

- If you want to another world.

This hotel is 94 East Caribbean Dollars, and is worth 20, and then I could forget the noise.

This is 38 U.S. Dollars.

This is a 5-dollar hotel in my normal world, for this amount of money anywhere including Europe I would be living like a king. My air conditioner in my room dripped water and soaked the whole floor making my backpack very wet. The lights in the bathroom are burned out; the electrical plug does not work.

I earlier thought that Union Island was better than Carriacou; however now I am wanting to desperately leave the Clifton Beach Hotel here on Union Island in the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

I am on another deserted island with nobody on the beaches; I do not even have to go to the beach. I know there is no one; there are not enough people here to have people on the beaches. There would be people walking around on the island.

Another no bikini zone, not my idea of beach paradise, if anyone reads and wants a beach paradise, so far from Union Island to Trinidad, there is a no bikini beach zone.

Well, I am not excited, I am the only tourist here, and I suppose the hold wrinkle lady and the one nice French girl with her husband and child. The yachts get to go hide on the yachts; they are all couples, almost a zero independent traveler area.

There does seem to be an excess of frumpy women hanging on the local men.

I need to decide what to do, I guess I will fly to Barbados; anyway I can, then buy a ticket to anywhere but here, enough of living in this world. Like the man said,

- If you want to go to another world -

The Drug dealer here on Union Island has it right, I do want to go to another world. I need to follow my own advice and leave. Every person likes something different, I have been traveling too long to force myself to enjoy or give these place a chance. I have been here for over a month, if I have not, it feel already like two.

Everyone is hiding from the local culture except for the girls here for sex, the yachties hang out only with the yachties, and the resort people do not leave the resorts. I have to admit it does seem like a good idea to go to resort.

In Thailand, Philippine, Mexico, anywhere but here, Palolem Beach, Goa India sounds really great. Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand sounds like an unbelievable paradise for the money, same quality for 5 dollar without this and of this crap.

I am tired; I need to go to the beach for a vacation. Maybe I will fly to Rio for a nice beach on Copacabana Beach in Rio.