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Trinidad Chaguaramas Priority Sail Checklist

Trinidad Chaguaramas Priority Sail Checklist
Friday February 3, 2006, 8:20 AM

We have made a Chaguaramas priority checklist, more or less what we feel is land priorities and hung on the toilet door, maybe we should call it the - head - because we are on a boat. The boat the Odessa is in maybe a three on a clean condition on a scale of 1-10 as 10 being the best. It is maybe an eight on overall preparedness to sail condition. We have done what is necessary to sail safely, however I would say there is long list of small jobs that could muck us down in a quagmire of maybe we should do this, maybe we should do that.

We want to splash the boat today, however I am looking at a 30 percent chance as there are many small things that Bill the Captain can use to spin the wheels, and maybe I can adjust the thoughts. We can stop the wind in our sails by focusing on small inconsequential problems.

I had a sailboat on Lake Wawasee in the state of Indiana for three to four years; I believe that many sailors love to work on their boats, more than they actually focus on priorities. This boat has been on the land or hard as they say here in Chaguaramas for over a month, therefore it could be possible it is in a - sit-around-go-to-bar-work-all-day-status -. I am hoping we splash today and not muddle, Craig and I are both focusing on this and trying to keep the boat on priorities and not mucking about.

It will be interesting and entertaining to see what happens when you take a lot of over 50-75 year old persons and let them wonder around in the Caribbean with boats. It feels that the Caribbean is a very easy sailing area and the majority of sailors must feel safe.

We are going to sail from Chaguaramas Harbor near Port of Spain to Grenada, this is about 100 miles and about 15 hours by boat, I believe this will be maybe the longest sail of the stretch of land for the next 12 country Islands. Therefore, it will be just a day-tripper type world of sailing and meandering north, relatively safe because if the boat sank we either could be rescued by the large number of boats on the same route or maybe just gets in a life raft and float. This is a by choice sail, that mean in my terms, we can choose the weather. We have to only choose a two to three day window of good weather and take off; we will arrive before any drastic changes.


Everyday at 8:00 AM they have a - NET - most all the boat turn on the radio and learn of weather and basically do introductions and trade or sell off extra items. In addition, the group can help persons to solve person problem from finding dentist to finding a bilge pump or person to work on the boats. Interesting to hear the formal nature and control, the whole process has a format or protocol on how to speak, announce, or reply.

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