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Travel Stress

2006-02-11 09:16:00

Travel Stress

I am in St Georges, Grenada, I am planning on going on a 7-10 day schedule for Island Countries, I will not move when bored, I am stressed out, and I need a vacation from the vacation. I am not on holiday, I am living traveling. I do not have a daily routine that is steady, everyday changes. The last few weeks have been shared with Craig, this is ok, however sharing the boat the Odessa with Captain Bill and the ever stupid selfish Jakob made me want to strangle Jakob, I will let Bill off the hook, he is more or less the passive aggressive damaged good, co-dependant been divorced for 20 years, cannot forget type. He will only be shot.

Craig is cool, I wonder if he is going to blog, he should have been in an internet caf� yesterday if the trip went well, if not today than there is a problem, or they skipped Grenada and went for the Grenadine Islands. I see the Captain of the Odessa as not really wanting to go lay on beaches, he wants to get his boat to Canada and probably lose money trying to sell it closer to home.

Stress is interesting when traveling; it always has something to do with change. Uncontrolled and too quick of days. Too many days in a row of constant, new environments and I get a little crazy. My friend German in Bogot� said it correct, stay longer in places.

The Caribbean so far is like a place I want to escape, I suppose it the lack of people, and there is not the normal backpacker set, not many people who are generally interested in normal a conversations. Mostly tourist, they have an agenda, do as much as possible in as short of time as possible.

7-10 days says, I do not leave until I give the place the fool anchor. I stay even though I wish to leave. Normally it is natural for me to leave when the price of a Hotel is too much for the value. I have no idea how to find a better value; I can get a cheaper Hotel for the money.