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Travel Records

Travel Records
I am seeing that Caribbean is setting records for expensive services.

World Most Expensive Taxi in World
Bequia Island - St Vincent and the Granadines
Over the hill for 8 Dollars U.S. or 20 EC
This is not my idea of a taxi, however it cost me 8 Dollars U.S. to come over the hill in the back of a truck. Even in Europe this would have been less than 5 dollars, and I would have a car.

World Most Expensive Laundry Load
Barbados Guesthouse - Merriville Set Set
7.5 USA Dollars for a load, or 15 Barbados Dollars. This is some type of real record, on this I am serious. You can pay a lot more for laundry if you pay by the piece, or for short, shirts, trousers separately, however for normal laundry this the most I have ever seen for one load.

World Most Expensive Internet
9 Dollars per hour
The Gap - South Beach ICS Internet - Not the same as the coffee shop one.
18 Barbados Dollars per hour or 9 Dollars U.S. per hour.

I paid more for a really bad dial-up on Montezuma beach with a really mean Russian owner in Costa Rica, maybe 7 years ago. I would think this price is highest. Now this is for an internet caf´┐Ż, if you do some pay by credit card, WIFI connection in the airports of the planet you can pay more. Airports are the most expensive non welcoming place for prices on the planet. What a way to meet the country.