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Too Aggressive Travel

Too Aggressive Travel

Thursday February 23, 2006, 2:56 AM
Ferry to St Vincent
Plane to Barbados
Bus to Worthing Barbados

I am being too aggressive in my travels today, I have woken up at 3:00 AM and I know I am afraid to fall asleep again for fear I will not wake up and miss the boat to the main Island of Saint Vincent.

Why am I being so aggressive, why am I working so hard to move? I think it because I want to be anywhere but here, I want to be in a place where I am not bored. The Julies Guesthouse in Bequia is great, it is the same price as the Adams, Leslie and Macedonia Hard Rock on the mainland, so I am living on the best Island for the same price as Kingstown, however there is very little to do, other than go to restaurants with elevator music.

I am being aggressive, because I am going to take both a ferry and an airplane today. I will take the 6:30 Admiralty Transport boat to the mainland, then a 1:20 pm Liat Airplane to Barbados. I then need to get to Worthing and hope to find a room on the Island of Barbados.


Aagh, I just spilled my coffee, it fell off the edge of the little crooked nightstand next to the bed.

I missed the nightstand, or put the coffee too near the edge of the table, I do not know how it suddenly fell of, and I suppose the world wiggles. I have a huge list of hotel services and needed to work on the list adding solutions or reasons why this happened. I am up to about 1158 services or benefits of hotel rooms.

Nonetheless, I am traveling aggressively for me, for another person this would be normal, however it is the type of travel that makes people crazy. It is,

- Work Travel -

They want to work, they do not want to travel in my mind, they feel like they need to accomplish something or they are not being a responsible person. The Art of Travel for me is not having to be responsible for anything, not having to plan, not having to think, just taking off and landing where you land. The only responsible thing I do is leave early in the morning and arrive before noon, and try to be no later than 2 o�clock in the afternoon. Of course, if I am leaving at 1:20 from Kingstown for Barbados I am going to be late arriving at the Hotel, I will not check in any earlier than about 3:00 PM. This type of travel is aggressive for me, I would like to have left on the early plane, stayed the night in Kingstown, got up early, be in Barbados at around 8:00 in the morning. However, it is six this way or six that way, the Adams Hotel in Kingstown could be full, then I would have to go to the Leslie or maybe the Macedonia Hard Rock and hope there are mini-vans running that early in the morning.

I do not trust the transportation here in the Caribbean before maybe 8:00 in the morning, I think they smoke too many joints, drink too much, and only work when they want to, not enough normal old type guys around with little beat up taxis.

I do not trust the Bequia Express Boat; I see it outside or on the pier last night.

I am taking the Admiralty Transport, the same company I came on, they have an office here, I asked the lady when the boat leaves, she says 6:30 and I trust her, she is from Guyana. I then see the Bequia Express; however, when I was coming here the other day they cancelled their service and these Brit girls were all upset because they had to come on the 11:30 boat.

There is supposed to be three boats, however I am not taking the boat that leave right before the plane. I do not trust they will run, I am taking the second one back. This way I have a backup or redundant system in the event they cancel one of the boats.

Anyway, I do it I am very safe, the plane only cost 39 U.S.A dollars so if I miss it I am not going to cry, I have never missed a plane and lost my money by accident. I have only missed planes because of missing a connection when one plane is late arriving.


I suppose this is what I would call this type of travel today.
I am stacking my transportation.

City Bus

The more I stack up, the longer the line of transportation I need to figure out, the more stress I will have in my day. The culture here sucks, the person working around the transportation areas could care less, they cannot be bothered. I really love the South American grab you, try to put you on a bus, holler to get you, scream, help, pull you to put you on their bus or transport system.

Here, it is like talking to some Gangster Rappers as the Iceland man said, he coined it or said it perfect. How wants to walk up to someone from the ghetto and ask them directions. I know most of the European cultures have never dealt with this type of culture and for sure the European cultures believe it something great, the girls are all having sex with these guys. Ergo the way person ends up living on the island. It is not the men I see staying, it is the women because they have a little baby.

What is really crazy is the little one-dollar EC vans are more helpful than the airport taxis that make a lot of money. I write tips, I have no way to know how to explain what type of person to ask directions from, ask for help from, or who is going to steer a person in the right direction. It is always a judgment call; a person has to make a decision to ask a person who is going to help.

I was laughing; I walked into the Admiralty Transport office two days ago after being on the beach. A big local lady, gave me a mean look, says you have to have shirt. I walked away, she is a bad person, and I do not want to learn anything from an evil spirited person. I thought yesterday, the office is next to the hotel. I will walk in, I have a shirt on, this lady from Guyana is nice as pie, talking, helpful, a really great lady.

I wanted to know, are there boats to Barbados, she even went as far as to say no, however there is some type of Cargo boats that leave on Fridays, or she think they leaves on Friday, something about Admiral Bay, General and Mauritania, I cannot read her writing. There is an office in Kingstown.

WAITING for a cheaper form of transport in the Caribbean seems a little foolish. IF I wait one day to save 30 U.S. Dollars then I have to pay 30 Dollars U.S. to sleep in a room. IF the place is a place I do not wish to leave, many fun things going on then this would be ok, I have not had any place yet, where I would not leave at the drop of a hat. I am really hoping Barbados is fun.