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The Better Part of Sailing

I am not sure this will look right, however Craig made this last night on the computer, so we can go and print this and post. Life needs a change of channel.

Female Crew Wanted!

Seeking exciting women to join the men of the 65-foot bachelor boat, Odessa,

on a whirlwind tour of the Caribbean islands!

Stories and photos broadcast to thousands courtesy of

Craig of & Andy of

? No sailing experience necessary ? English not required

? Minimal shared food costs ? Clothing optional

The Odessa is partying throughout the Caribbean from February-April, 2006!

Interested women should contact

[email protected] FIX-THIS


[email protected] FIX-THIS

Aagh! This is Andy. I have left the boat, too much of the same same, blah blah. I cannot recommend this boat. Looking for next boat in Grenada.