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St Vincent to Barbados Flight

St Vincent to Barbados Flight
Cost: 36:60 includes tax and is an e-ticket

Easy to buy online, need to have your passport number and expiration date, and you could buy the ticket without being the perosn on the card.

I purchased an airplane ticket online from Kingstown City, country of St Vincent and the Grenadines to Barbados, I do not know what city in Barbados, however so what. I am leaving tomorrow, I was going to go to Kingstown and check out India Bay in hope of finding Bikinis, however everything worked out perfect and I can go to Barbados almost directly from the boat from Bequia to Kingstown.

My search continues!

It is sad, there are many wonderful beaches, the water is blue, the days are hot, however the beaches are almost empty, unless you are searching for white person with socks and sandals, then you are in heaven here on Bequia.

The Julie's Guesthouse at 68 EC is great value.

An Iceland man of 25 left today, so that was it, no conversation at all, sort of stressful here in the Laroc Internet Cafe as too much of too much.