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Spaghetti Head Traveler

Spaghetti Head Traveler
Saturday February 4, 2006, 7:19 AM

Jokob is a Spaghetti head traveler, Craig thinks this description is better than my other terms I am trying to coin for typical travelers.

1. Rice Virgin

2. Rice and Spaghetti Virgin

3. R & S Virgin - Craig added this.

The are Virgins, they never cooked in their lives, they start with Spaghetti or Rice, their only hope is find a restaurant, the brave new world.

Spaghetti Head Traveler: A young person leaves home, it does not matter, a person leave home to travel, they could be any age, never in their life have the cooked food. Suddenly there is this kitchen, no mother and they believe they should cook. It is like taking a child and putting them in the kitchen, they are excited and clueless.

- To me, this is my rendition, of the Spaghetti Head Travelers, this includes all the vegetarians.

Spaghetti and vegetables on one day, on the next day rice and vegetables, the next day Spaghetti and vegetable, then every day they just keep alternating between rice and something and spaghetti and something.

Jokob is a Spaghetti head in almost every way possible, every day he makes a big pile of spaghetti or rice and puts some crap looking sauce on it, he had very little money so he is eating enough carbohydrates to make anyone bloat. He is very lucky he is only 18 with the body of a 15 year old; he has the genetics that will save him for a few more years. This many calories and I would be a whale.

Bill goes to the restaurant nightly to eat, then drinks his meal, this is much better, he says or realizes he needs variety. I am a very bad eater, I have decided in the last year after going to Niger and seeing the malnutrition that I will walk into a store, choose good fruit like an apple, not look at the price and buy, if I know the price I stop myself, they are very expensive in comparison to Indiana. I believe an apple here cost me one dollar, I am not positive however, they are good apples, and cold, therefore I am happy. I will enter a store and actively look for different foods everyday, the major problem is finding the different stores, we only have the shipyard grocery here and I must take a 20-minute maxi van to the Hi-Lo store to buy variety. Now it sounds easy, however every location takes at least a week before I find the better stores, so the first week is bleak, very few options, the second week I will discover more stores, the third week I am settling in and buying items at more locations.

Spaghetti and Rice at very seldom on the menu, as the protein is low and too many calories, more or less like eating potatoes every meal. Just filler, not meant to be the only portion of food. Many people complain about the RDA labels on the back of the food boxes, or the Recommended Daily Allowances of foods, however I have almost never seen a Vegetarian eating healthy, they are more trendy in how they eat, saying these are the food you should eat and trying to make me feel guilty as the Spaghetti heads eat..

Spaghetti with cheap vegetables on one day and Rice with cheap Vegetables on the next.

I like to say, you do know that Spaghetti has egg in it, dead baby chickens.

( I know you can buy Spaghetti without Egg, however not on the road easily, we are lucky to buy food.)

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