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Saint Georges Grenada

Saint Georges Grenada

I am in St Georges, Grenada; I am feeling the prices of this Island have tourist inflation from three forces.

1. Cruise Ships

2. Two Weekers

3. Yachties

All of the Islands are having the same situation, hard to travel cheaply when the locals are always tempted to go for the kill. On the other hand, the prices are set in many ways, price tags, advertised prices, and reservation priced so a little more complicated for them to raise or lower them arbitrary.

It is interesting, all the prices can be quoted in dollars in certain area, you have to ask, - how much in EC? - They say, EC, it is the East Caribbean Dollars. I am not sure how many countries use this currency; however, it would be good to know so I can buy a lot or a little and not have to worry so much about extra money in the wallet.

Backpackers are missing.

More correct to understand, the - long-term 5 month travelers are not here, the only travelers of this sort or close this type is the cruisers or the yachties. They are living on their boats and do not have to pay for accommodations.