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Sailing with Motor Running

Sailing with Motor Running
Sunday February 5, 2006, 5:45 AM

I am wondering and learning, Bill the Captain of the boat said yesterday that many boats in Salt water run with their motors on 30 percent of the time. I am in the rear of the boat next to the motor, this would mean my life is miserable; the diesel motor would be running all the time and heating up my area to unbearable levels. I do not like to learn everything by trial and error; therefore, I am asking many questions, as is Craig.

A boat on land needs workers to repair the boat.

A boat in the water will sail well if prepared and ready to sail.

Trial and error is difficult, I do not know what needs done, most every project started is missing a few pieces. We pull the boat up to the loading area, took out two long electrical extension cords especially made for boats. One of the plug ends is missing on one of the cords, which was not a problem, because the cords were not long enough to reach the only available electricity. Not too important to me however Captain Bill keeps saying something about freezing the ice in the fridge to be prepared. Therefore, I work to achieve this goal; everything works against many goals, hard to imagine the mess. It will take a good two weeks to clean up this boat as ever possible corner is a mess and Jakob continues to make messes and not clean, and Captain Bill starts jobs, drops the part where he started, does not gauge his time, then does not complete what he starts. He is an amiable and well-intentioned person, works on the boat all the time, therefore easy to forgive for lack of organization. We are trying daily to keep him on priority projects, discover what is priority, then making a list of priority issues.

We have posted four lists on the door to the toilet, one Todo list needed done to enter the water, a list of items to buy, and a list of items to sell. Bill preoccupies himself with working or thinking about items to sell. Yesterday we, Craig and I put up the Todo - AT SEA list, we left most any non-necessary items all any list because it just confuses persons. This is like running a business, everything can turn into a chat session and nothing gets done, when the group starts pointing towards a project, the project better be productive and finished

I have mused on sailing for years, trying to explore my feeling and thoughts to whether I would like to sail on the ocean. There is a danger to being on the ocean, the farther a person would sail from the shore maybe the bigger the dangers. There are sailing routes, or popular paths, staying on these paths, guaranteeing the radio is working and anticipation of problems will keep us safe. Whether the Captain anticipates the problem and has solutions in store, a redundancy of options is not as important as doing the work. It is possible to learn what needs done, therefore it is possible than to muster this crew to help or perform the duties. It is not necessary the Captain makes the decisions, however more of a respect and caring for the Captain. I do understand better the concept of Mutiny´┐Ż hehehe.

I am hoping I am in a sailboat and not a power boat, I do not want to sail the ocean with the motor running. If this is a need, then my ideas of someday buying a sailboat is out the window, I am not going to buy gas to travel the earth by sailboat. Like everything else I have every known about sailboats, every person has a different opinion, there seems to be little agreement.