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Sailing to Grenada

Sailing to Grenada

I have moved onto a boat and will sail in a 65 Foot MacGregor boat through the Caribbean north or until I mutiny.

Yesterday, I received and email from a German boy by the name of Jokob, he said the was in the Powerboats area of the Chaguaramas Sailboat holding area. The boat - The Odessa - was sailing north and was island hopping or stopping at most islands along the path. I had already purchased a ticket for 52 U.S.A. dollars, however decided this was a good opportunity and would make the onward-return ticket requirements of most countries easy.

Craig is floundering in decisions, he may go north, south, by land, by water, or both ways as the Scarecrow said in the Wizard of Oz.

I am on the boat and cleaning, a big punch out list and we hopefully can leave on Sunday or Monday for Grenada.

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