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Sailboat Comedy

2006-02-08 09:29:00

Sailboat Comedy

I have made the choice to leave the boat and fly from Trinidad to Grenada. Craig was nice enough to give me a dinghy ride from the boat on the anchor to the shore. He asked me what I was doing, therefore I said to him that I was going to go and check into immigration, as a person is required to do, as I was not comfortable the Captain would show up as agreed and I also know they may have a checklist of items for me to complete.

Therefore, Craig gave me a ride in the dinghy to the immigration office.

DINGHY this is and DINGHY that.

The Dinghy stopped at least 50 (FIFTY) times on the way to the immigration, on the way to drop me off at the Powerboats dock here in Chaguaramas. In the end, we paddled the last 30 meters to the Dinghy dock. Interesting last amount of time spent with Craig, I allowed him to pull the cord every single time and said extra side comments. He has an amazing ability to not get too frustrated.


They have this boat taxi service, he calls them on the handheld radio and they came and towed the dinghy to the Odessa.

In the end, the list is never ending, and my mother wants to know if the boat is seaworthy or hopes it is seaworthy.

Does this mean the Dinghy needs to work?
Does this mean you must have three men on board to pull up the anchor?
Does this mean the new front rigging should work even though not tested?
Does this mean that one leak along side the engine is not a problem?
Doe this mean it is not important to have both GPS working?
Do all the bilge pumps need to work?

NOTE: What did the Odessa hit in the water?

The reason the Odessa was on the shore for a month is because they hit a rock, or something they are not sure of that put a 5 inch gash in the side of the boat or bent it back about 5 inches, I guess it did not allow water in the boat, however they hit something big enough put a gash in the side.

In the mean time, I went to the internet caf´┐Ż, purchased plane ticket to Grenada for tomorrow at 10:35. I will fly with Liat Airlines. I am not an observer of the comedy and not part of the humor. As Craig was pulling the cord to the dinghy and it would not start a couple of men stopped by. We more or less said it starts and we are making progress.

He said,
- Are you AMERICANS-

I should have said,
- CANADIAN BOAT CREW - as the Captain of the Odessa is from Canada.

Embarrassing, interesting, a comedy of errors, if I have to ask myself.

- Is the boat seaworthy? -

IF I cannot just say yes, WELL, I guess I know my answer.