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Rooster Alarm Clocks

2006-02-10 09:10:00

Rooster Alarm Clocks

Friday February 10, 2006, 4:59 AM

It is early for most travelers, at 4:59 am, I am thinking about getting out of bed anyway, however roosters are still noisy. I know they must be thinking, - I can crow louder than you can - Then the next one says, - NO, I am the loudest. - I do know and unfortunately, I have learned in many places, not all roosters crow the same, they have their own voice and their own special characteristic. Some are closer to my window and others are father away.

Here in the Mitchell�s Guesthouse in Grenada the neighborhood in the center of town is typical of any I would expect in a place that to me would not be great for making money. I expect, I am not sure, however this beautiful girl from Barbados told me that a person working in a grocery would make about 75 dollars U.S. per week in Barbados. I expect it is less or the same, the normal wages for a person around the world range normally from 3 dollars to 10 dollars per day, this is a world average as best I can tell, and the United Nations says poverty is less than one dollar per day.

However, what happens is you have all these small things like they raise chickens, have gardens, catch fish here in Grenada, and have money sent from richer countries. I have noticed already more Western Unions than in most South American counties as there is probably more person escaping.

A good factory is needed in the world in all locations that employs 10,000 workers, big employers as the mom and pop are all only raising chickens.

Oh, well, I am trying to figure out today how to explore.