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Prince Philippe

2006-02-11 09:16:00

Prince Philippe

Prince Philippe lives in my hotel, the owner�s son is by the name of Philippe and he said this to help me remember his name. He speaks a perfect mixture of some type of British English with a Caribbean accent. I am under the impression if I can extract or pull him out more, he could explain the Caribbean in a balanced way to me. Yesterday morning as I said or talked with him, he explained where Cinnamon was grown, and possibly how to go and find and estate on the road to Grenville.

I was not able to learn the word - Estate - however maybe this is what I would think of as a slave plantation. I think the word is British in use; however, there are many undercurrents here. I am finally getting away from the Bob Marley overbearing part and seeing the old real cultures.

Cracking up, I went into the Lazy Lagoon, the white Frenchie pay a lot to be in something place the author recommends from the Lonely Planet. It is a stereotypical hotel you would expect in the Caribbean with a huge tribute to Bob Marley on the walls. I do like the pastel colors or bright colors of yellows and blues associated with the color of the knitted hats you will see that bundle up the dreads. They have painted the completely concrete rooms this blue, yellow pastel like colors.

I got the blue screen on my computer, this is getting redundant.

Nevertheless, they were probably playing white music in the black bar, and black music in the white bar here in St Georges, Grenada. Is not the world great?