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Plus On Cell Works Grenada

Plus On Cell Works Grenada

There is a + ( Plus Sign ) on the cell phone, I can HOLD down the key and it will make a PLUS.

This gives me the outside connection for another country, I then dial the country code, and hope something works. I called Thailand and it worked, I was amazed, to call by telephone to the USA is normally difficult, to call the other countries on the planet becomes work. I almost always start one or two days ahead testing the systems to see if they work before I would ever make any telephone call. I believe most person are only trying to call one number.

Here in Grenada they advertise Bmobile, Digitel, and Cingular systems, I am not sure what Digitel is, however I purchased the Bmobile from the Cable and Wireless system. Note the guy in the Cable and Wireless place said that the PLUS would not work or maybe he did not really know what it means.