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Photos Union Island Grenadines

Photos Union Island Grenadines

Sauce on the grocery shelf, I think the world needs a sauce of the world restaurant.

Green, Orange, all sorts of colors of sauces in the Caribbean Islands.

This says that American Privateers came here, this is a type of state authorized pirate, hmmm. The USA has Pirates.

Water tank along side the down from the water that come off the roof with rain, the one girl said they wash and drink in dry times of the year.

The older version of the same water tank, like a cistern in the USA, however I only seen them, not familiar with how they work in the USA.

Old and very interesting window, great doors, and shutters, colors intertwined into the world of architecture.

Almond Essence Vanilla Essence Lemon Essence, new to me, however sound tasty.

I like normal culture, this is the guesthouse where I should be staying Kendricks for 40 EC, located at the crossroads just up the pier area from the boat that arrives from Carriacou. A special place with dominoes and normal person that will talk with me or you.

Betty, her older sister called at me as I was walking the road back to Clifton, then the sister started to call the other sisters out of the woodwork, I guess this one came out of the shower, I did not mind, and she did not mind, very interesting and great view from their home.

I thought this looked like Volcanic rock?

Blue colors with a reef, a great view from a sailboat or yacht.