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Paradise Beach Carriacou

Paradise Beach Carriacou

I went by small van bus to Paradise Beach here on the Island of Carriacou part of the Grenadine. A peaceful, quiet, and empty beach. I am single, not married, not traveling now with anyone; however, I feel alone and lost here. I cannot be bothered with the Rasta types; the Ade�s Dream Guesthouse is perfect, the kitchen, water cooler with both hot water and cold, and my own food locker. A balcony on the back, on and on, the only problem is the prices are still five times the Southeast Asia price for the same. I want a beach where I am not alone in Paradise.

I am considering leaving and flying to anywhere but here; I can always return with a girlfriend and enjoy the place. As I stand now, I think I will go to St Lucia, then to Barbados where I believe there are a lot more tourists. I am hoping there will be enough people to make conversations possible.

Where to go, people compare their two weeks vacations to my never ending travel life, they visit two countries outside the USA and they believe they know every country and can say they was in the best country on the planet. People get excited by visiting anywhere, consider it the best. I do not get to go home and stop the place from being in my mind, there is not an end, the only way to change is to give up on a location.