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Organizing Travel Path

Organizing Travel Path

I am organizing a travel path checklist or form I can fill out to log in my travels from Hotel to Hotel. I am more positive daily that a person should worry about how to jump from Hotel to Hotel more than they need to focus on the city. If they couple up a city, the reason you are going, the hotel together, however realize the hotel makes the trip good or bad then life is good. I am having a devil of time creating all the variables or questions needed, there are so many small questions that need asked and not forgot.

Connecting the Dots.

The normal problem with a guidebook is this for example, I arrived in the Grenada, Airport, and I wanted to go to the Mitchell�s guesthouse in St George.

Sequentially I traveled.

Grenada Airport

Taxi to St Georges

Taxi to Mitchell�s

There is a chain of events that happened, hard to log in all of them, it is much easier to just give a bunch of guidelines and try to connect them. In the end, the bottom line is you start at your hotel, travel by taxi maybe to the form of transportation, board this type of transportation, arrive in the next city, and then find transportation to the hotel. If you wish to look around then life is more complicated. I look for zones of hotels. This is why an all-inclusive resort that picks the person up the airport is so popular, there is nothing to figure out or how to travel is not needed.

I am making a step by step form that a person could fill out and it would take a person from porthole to porthole, hotel to hotel and have all the hopefully needed questions to guide a person or a travel writer how to explain how to travel. I then could have persons post how they went from city to city or hotel to hotel and not leave out a lot of very important information. I believe I want to pay persons to do this; therefore, I need to create a methodology for the average Joe Blow to complete. The best travelers, often are disorganized in a way, however good at finding the best deals, they go on instincts very well.