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Learning Solutions to Sailing Problems

Learning Solutions to Sailing Problems

I am learning many solutions to sailing problems.

The MacGregor 65 has a list, as Craig says; easier to make a list of what is working correctly, than what is not working. Yesterday we discovered that the GPS or on of the GPS - Global Positioning Satellite systems was not working, it is now apart, however I understand it is not that important. I have a handheld GPS and will use that the Captain has one inside the boat, however not outside; I do not understand all the systems yet.

Today we all so learned the Windless is not working. I have never heard the term; however, what is not working is the electric motor that raises the anchor on a very long and heavy chain. We pulled it up this morning twice, it was dangerous, I decided this is not going to work and I believe Bill has decided this is not working.

I mean, I believe it is too dangerous to have three persons pull up a chain, or worst yet we just lowered it by dropping it, the chain ran out and could have removed a finger or two if we had not been careful. I would say on a scale of 1-10, we was only a four on care, nonetheless, I am not moving the boat until the motor is doing the work safely. I have learned too many times about danger to just walk and volunteer to be hurt. The farm in Indiana is full of small traps, you do not volunteer for ridiculous problems, which have solutions, I am told it is only the wiring.

Note, the boat has many beyond counting easily needs.

IF the boat was in good shape, I would learn less.