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Kingston Town St Vincent Island

Kingston Town St Vincent Island
Saturday 3:24 PM 18 of February 2006

Description from the Encyclopedia Encarta -

- Kingstown, town, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, capital and principal port of the independent state, in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Located on the southwestern coast of Saint Vincent Island at the head of Kingstown Bay, it has an artificial deepwater harbor and handles exports that include bananas, arrowroot, and coconuts. A nearby airport handles flights to other islands of the West Indies. Kingstown has a museum, an Anglican cathedral, and a botanical garden (established 1765) that is the oldest in the western hemisphere. On a promontory north of the town is Fort Charlotte, built by the British in the late 18th century as a defense against French invasion. Population (1995 estimate) 16,132. . (2)

Description from the Lonely Planet Caribbean -

- Kingstown - a sweaty city of winding streets and boxy cement structures - is the capital and commercial center of SVG. The city does not go out of the way to cater to tourists, but has everything one might need -------

I have left the bubble, normal people, nice, helpful, and full of history, a treasure trove of small streets, great architecture. I am in some great homespun guesthouse on top of the world overlooking the bay of Kingstown Town. Whether I shall call this a Town or a City is my debate, I am sure in the history, this word town had more meaning.

I wonder, does this mean - Kings Town or the Kings town, or Kingston. I am curious about the history, this is a birthplace. I am missing out the storyline, somewhere underneath the hat of some tourist trap I believe is the history. Which King?

Before I got on the plane from Union Island to St Vincent Island, and landed on top of the hills looking over the bay of Kingstown, I was talking with a man from Montreal. Born or raised I believe in Ashton, Union Island, he was explaining as a boy he worked in the USA harvesting crops. He explained how they would come to the islands and recruit persons to go to the USA to pick various foods. He said he worked in Indiana picking tomatoes. There were man injustices done to these person, as the Caribbean workers did not understand the USA, therefore it was possible to keep them in the dark on what the correct pay, treatment, etc.

Great conversation and history of the labor evolving while I listened. A thrill a minute listening to his stories. One of the lead into how there was a store provided where the workers could buy clothing, shoes, supplies, on credit, then each week they needed to pay the money back to the store they earned.

- I owe my life to the company store -

- I load a sixteen tons of number nine coal, another day older and deeper in debt; I owe my soul the company.

- Saint Peter don�t you call me cause I can�t come, I owe my soul to the company store -

I cannot remember, maybe Jimmy Dean, a childhood memory of the only songs my parents ever played, that and beautiful dreamer.

Nonetheless, I owe my soul to the company soul.

I am thinking, this is a what a - TOURIST TRAP - is, a way they make you owe your soul to the COMPANY - Strange as it seems, I feel like I have walked a little, I am banging at the door. I am trying to leave the company store, I was in the small corner of or a town called - Ashton - on Union Island, it was a taste, I could see outside the film of the bubble, there is a life where Rasta is not the language and people are real.

I was discussing with the lady and the man in a small restaurant outside the Airport of Union Island. The not so nice, not so friendly lady that worked there finally loosened the grip on her - I CAN�T BE BOTHERED WITH YOU - Attitude.

I felt it, I could feel it, she does not like tourist. I feel the same, I can empathize, I am a tourist, I am a traveler, I am something, however I am not fitting in completely, maybe half. Most of the tourist are very friendly, easy going, lost in the haze of the TWO WEEKER - I am on vacation, I have to love this place, they dream about buying land, doing really stupid things, living in paradise, the only place they probably had sex with their husband or wife in the last six month. Before that, they were too busy.

Nonetheless, the chub said,

- None of the locals gets the money -

None of the locals benefits from the Resort Money, not totally true, probably the only money coming into the islands in many ways. This would be a wasteland without the tax money extracted for the rich to be richer. In the end, they must provide some streets, stores, water, sewer of the tourist could not be tapped.

I do feel sorry for them in a way, there are no obvious forms of income, and there is not enough tourist spending money to be profitable. This is high season and rooms are very easy to find, I am not sure about the resorts, they may be full, however they do not leave the resort if this is the case, which is the goal of a resort.

Ok, so there is a Channel a tourist track, a railway being set down where I am having trouble removing myself, the taxis at the airports are worthless, it is difficult to find a person that does not see me as just a dollar sign. Here in Kingstown, they do not care I am a tourist, traveler, they are happy to see me, interesting, a great feeling. The are not talking to me because I have money, they are talking to me as a human, not a dollar bill.

The tourist trap is like the company store, it is a round trip, circular motion, a roller coaster ride, which goes up and down, however you just keep paying for another ticket and the view never changes.

There is history buried under the tourism.