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Jakob Lost Credit Card

Jakob Lost Credit Card
Tuesday February 7, 2006, 5:07 AM

Jakob on Sunday helped another Captain from the Port of Spain and a different marina to sail his boat in a race or some form of water event. Then Jacob left with some girl and did not report into the the boat. Yesterday he suddenly left and would not report where he was going or why he was going to Craig after two request. Upon returning he says that he has lost his credit card or he believes he may have left his money bag on the boat of the yacht he help sail on Sunday. This is about 1:00 PM at this point of time, he had only returned to the ship around 9:30 in the morning. Subsequently when he left he must have went to the other small harbor area closer to the Port of Spain and had the management or asked the management for the name of the person, phone number, and address. The other marina would not give this information says Jokob, however said they would contact him.

On and on the story goes, however in the end Captain Bill convinced Jakob to stop the credit card. There was a 800 number on the card which did not work, they tried to call the German bank which is 5 hours different in time and all they got was touch tone answering type services and could not connect with a person in the bank. They eventually call his parents and requested they stop the bank card. Jakob says he has travelers checks about enough to buy an airplane ticket from here to Miami, however for sure not enough to fly to Germany.

The Captain presently has Jakob signed on as crew to the Odessa, however presently Craig and I are not signed on or on the crew list. When we leave this port maybe today, however my instincts say tomorrow we will become part of the crew of the Odessa, at this juncture Captain Bill become responsible for the status of how we enter the next country and have permission to be in the country. Every country is different maybe in some ways, however the Captain will have a financial responsibility for us on shore or how we leave the island. If we wish to separate we must or could have to buy a plane ticket to our home countries, we may be able to just buy a plane ticket to another island. If the Captain request we leave, it may be the responsibility of the Captain to purchase a plane ticket to the home country of the crew. Therefore at any given moment if the Captain decides we are no longer part of his crew, he therefore must pay for the person to fly to their home country. This is not clear, there is presently no set rules, all that I am typing is just hearsay in many ways, obviously this is negotiable and could be a very taxing problem in some cases.

Some Captains under certain conditions will request a deposit of money, I suppose they could request the passport to hold until they release the person from crew.

There are both paid and free crews, there are many levels of being a crew, we presently are not paid, however only responsible for food cost, and sharing cost that all are in need of, however none of these cost have been laid out or explained in detail. More or less, I know I am sharing cost, however much it is, it will almost always be less or has to be less than paying for a room.

Craig, me and Captain Bill has presently put in 50 U.S.A. Dollars for food cost, Jakob is to put in 30 U.S.A. Dollars towards the cost because he has already helped to pay for prior food cost on the boat. Craig is collecting the U.S. Dollars and then went to the bank to convert the money to Trinidad and Tobago money called TT, he has the money I believe however said yesterday that Jakob had not given him the 30 U.S. Dollars, they are going to the store today Tuesday to purchase food in Port of Spain. Craig is now in the position of having to say to Jakob give me 30 Dollars. There is no transparency and clarity as to his financial position or his ability to share in the expense. Captain Bill is obvious in his financial capacities. I know that both myself and Craig have the ability to buy a plane ticket anywhere in the world. Jakob does appear to have parent that could pay for him, however the time it would take to receive money, where to receive money, how to retrieve the next or new credit card, to replace the lost one is nebulous. It has create a commitment for all of us to be committed to dealing with Jakob problem, this is not a problem, however there is a honest need for all person to be open and clear in what they have or do not have in the manner of managing their lives. Jakob is 18 years old and this is an excuse for many problems by the Captain.

Craig is calling or saying that getting a crew job is like a one night stand, you meet someone, they jump on the same boat with you, you have no idea who they are.