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I am not a Guidebook

I am not a guidebook, this is a journal of my trip.

I am annoyed by the large number of person writing crap sometime, there are some real anal idea about what is possible and not possible, I am probably putting up more information on the planet than about any traveler that is REALLY traveling. I am in some internet cafe, working around multiple crazy problems.

Hard to post photos, the server is slow. This link below is a funny post though, what the world does.

Blogger is not posting.

My host is now working.

On and on, I am glad to annoy persons sometimes, read the comments.

What the bigger problem is person that have blogs are trying to make web sites, they are not just posting their thoughts, the write, rewrite, try to position themselves, lie, create crap, I just post what I am thinking and let if fly, I am not perfect, however for sure what I am posting is how I think, I for sure make mistakes.

IF a person relies on a guidebook, a page, a reservation they will be let down. I was laughing the Bella Vesta hotel in Kingstown has been closed for maybe three years, however is still in the guidebook. I do not think this is bad, I do think Lonely Planet does a pretty good job, however the world does change. If they do not figure out what happened, so what. Change, mistakes, problems are normal for travel.