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How to Travel Cheap in Caribbean

2006-02-10 09:09:00

How to Travel Cheap in Caribbean

Friday February 10, 2006, 5:09 AM

Budget Travel, he is a word that means little or really is just confusing, I am a budget traveler and for years and I think still it is part of the title of my web page. The word - Budget - implies or in most minds says, that I travel cheap. However, it is a deceptive word and a travel writer will say or use the word - Budget - and imply the place is cheap. This is in comparison to what, I am in a good hotel, and the room is fair, the noise of the roosters is outrageous; however, all in all the room is good. The curtains are flimsy so anyone can just walk in and admire the white boy lying in his bed; it is a normal five-dollar room in most of the planet. However, I am paying 32 U.S. Dollars and it is probably a normal price. I would say it was ok if there were a few people in the hotel and I was not the only person. I could go crazy by myself here.

- Budget Travel need so day - I am traveling on a price between X and X, this is budget travel. -

I am thinking there is probably no place on the planet I have heard of that is more publicized or more glamorized than the Caribbean. I have dreamed often of coming to the Caribbean and presently I am dreaming of leaving the Caribbean. I do not want to leave; I just do not want to be here alone. I am sure I could make this into a paradise and tell better gossip if I had a girl with me right now, I would be able to ignore the fact there is nobody to talk with because I would have a girl.

Budget Travel

I am a 5-10 dollar a day person, I like to pay about 5-10 dollars per night for a private room on the planet and consider the dorm beds in Europe a joke, like living in a slum.

Budget Travel in Caribbean.

Reality does set in to most travelers, they really cannot budget, they will spend what they spend and when they run out of money, they will go home. A travel out and about for one year has a limited amount of money, they spend it and than it is gone, they normally borrow from their parents or run up a big credit card expense, then ignore the fact to all the world and themselves that the spent more than they planned. Then you have the true budget traveler, the person who talks openly about money. Who will ask as I did yesterday to the taxi driver that was no help?

- Where can I find a cheap guesthouse? -

The like the tourist, they want a person that will pay the amount they say, they know if you care about the money than they will not make money. This is annoying, I know the taxi driver is not making much money for the whole day, does not live like this, and probably has not even traveled around his own little island country. Knows nothing of the world, but has become a money snob. He or she, I have never seen a female taxi driver, however he or she is not capable of seeing. This is greed, he wants a person that is richer than him to come and give him money.

Ok, so if I was traveling in the Caribbean on a very limited budget, right now I believe it is possible for sure, so far, as best I can tell for about 50 dollars per day including transportation. This is an average and the bad part is I know I could have and over the budget, through the sky, price of hotel for one night. I think though most are easy to stay under 50 dollars per night. The restaurants are normal here, I have not seen special yet, however most tourist need to make them into something special. I am looking now for normal, I am in a tourist bubble in this area, not a big one, and however most of the restaurants look like they are going for the yachters. I do not think there are any tourists here that live, except maybe for the yachties. There are maybe the cruise ship persons, and maybe some resort types. I have not seen anyone or enough to know, I do believe there are very few people in this area. Only about five people got off the plane yesterday at about 11:00 in the morning. There must be about 3 planes per day, I took the mainstream time for planes, not too early and easy to get on, there must be about 15 persons per day that come to Grenada at this time of year.

Seasonal Travel

I suppose the USA or European Summer is high season, and maybe next month after Carnaval in Trinidad many people will hop over here for a week.

It is going to cost or would cost me about 50 dollars per day to collect information for a guidebook. This is one of them places on the planet that needs the best guidebook possible. It needs the 500-page book on the one country, then to travel around or up through the Caribbean you would need to carry one backpack only for books. I am glad they have come out with digital information and computers. I could carry all the needed books on my computer.

I am being cynical, what they need is a guidebook in only one budget or price range, get rid of the crap. I do not need to know about the Hotels for over 100 dollars per night and for sure I am against, or believe the - Lonely Planet - is off base when they have a motto like - On a shoestring - however the only hotels the are really recommending are over 100 dollar or at least around 80 dollar per night.

There is always a way of finding a cheap room, especially when person here only make about 10 dollar to maybe 20 dollars per day, they must be able to sleep also and I do not even think the resorts would let the average person here enter, although I am not sure where the Cancun style resorts are, I cannot feel the resorts. I feel alone, the area I am located in or on in St Georges is quaint, colonial, has a fort on top of the hill, a feeling like half fishing port and half some old docks. There are too many new things to get the real history of the area, however when I close my eyes, try to ignore the new, I can see the history here. They have hidden it, however it is still here, under the covers and out of site, however, there is a feeling, I know somebody like Christopher Columbus came here in a wooden ship, and saw a much more interesting world.

I saw some Cinnamon yesterday for sale, in the streets, I asked the woman, if it was grown here and she seemed to be defensive. Yes, we grow many things on the island. Oops, what is up with that, Cinnamon does not grow or is not grown everywhere, I was surprised and happy, and I was not making fun. I guess I need to buy some to make her happy, there is this market area, just off the area where what seems to be a big modern bus terminal. I suppose people come here to trade or sell items, maybe a morning fish market. I liked the place, closer to real life and less of the ugly restaurants like the Tout Babay, some French name I believe, made to borrow my dollars and not give them back, plus not a pretty girl in the place, except for a couple of girls working. Like going into a mans bar, not my idea of fun and hanging on a stool.

How to travel cheap in the Caribbean? I think the answer today is research, more research, and staying a long time. The longer I stay in a place the cheaper it becomes, the more I understand how the place works, the better I am at going cheap. I can eat cheaper and live better, however I am still lost on what to do here, so hard to want to stay longer, I am dreaming of finding a beach. I am making enough money to come here; however all my best travel mates are not going to come and spend 50 dollars per day to live alone. The would want to spend 100 dollars per day and have some fun, or stay in Thailand or in Mexico, Playa Del Carmen, or some cheap place, and more pretty like Lago Atitlan in Guatemala and see something. Hanging is not normal for them; I am wondering where the celebrations of Christopher Columbus are located.

I use a guidebook, I always use a guidebook. If nothing else for the city maps, however the often are of little use if you are a real shoestring traveler. Christopher Columbus did come to Grenada; however, the local tourism departments are not making it simple, I must go search.

To travel cheap in the Caribbean a person probably needs to get in touch with all the diver centers and find the workers who make pages or some mom and pop pages. Write them all and find a way to do a home stay. I am going to find the zonal conditions, the best Center of the Backpacker Universe areas. The best first place to start, I will keep pointing them out.

Yacht owners or sailboat owners appear presently to be the only ones actually coming close to backpacking the Caribbean. They have something, I do not understand, called - Cruising Guides - something more or less to do with going from place to place, maybe this is the equivalent word to how I use the world backpacking. A reservation has very little to do in my mindset with backpacking. Cruising on a boat is more I believe about living on the boat, then going from island to island. My gut says the cruising guide may have better comprehensive information and may be better at telling me about beaches. The Lonely Planet seems to say, go to the resort hotel, if you are alone, they or what is called the - Independent Traveler - you are going to not be here so this book is not written for you. I hope and assume the Lonely Planet knows books like the - Lonely Planet Caribbean - is probably being purchased often by the - Cruisers - not by backpackers. The resort travelers need to stay in the resort, good way to make sure you are not meeting the locals.

Yuk, Yuk, fun in the Caribbean, that rooster is busting my?