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Hotel Annoyances

Hotel Annoyances

There are numerous Hotel Annoyances and many time I leave a hotel, it is interesting though if you would talk to a hotel or guesthouse owner about a problem. They will often say,

- Nobody every complained about that -

I say,

- I am being nice, instead of just leaving I am trying to tell you-

It is warning right before I leave, however there are also reasons to leave that is out of the control of the owner.

I am in the Leslie Guesthouse and a man or boy next to me is 24 hour per day pot smoker, not an uncommon thing here in the Caribbean for a local. The Leslie guesthouse is nice, has a kitchen and cheap at 65 East Caribbean Dollars, about 26 U.S.A. dollars. In South America for the same price I would be living in a life of luxury, I am in the normal 3 dollar room on the planet and paying 25, it is even worst for most room where I pay 35 dollars and live in my normal 5-8 dollar room.

The problem is not that he sits in the room, walks around the guesthouse smoking marijuana on a 24 hour a day basis. The problem is I think he is deaf, or he has been listening to music so long his ears are now bad. It is possible he has one them Ipods in his ears and is trying to watch TV at the same time, whatever the case I need to hurry. I just quizzed him and I am not sure he is leaving, the owner said he is leaving, however this man is in a haze, I do not trust he is leaving.

I am going to go to Bequia and escape pay double the price, and I HOPE I am on a beach with bikinis. I have been assured by about persons who say the beaches have many persons. I feel obliged to go do this.

I am looking for a good beach in the Caribbean and it seems negligent to not go to this beach and give it a chance. I know most are fools gold, however this must be better, if not I will spend one night and go to Barbados as fast as possible.

IF I do not make to Besquia today, then I will go to the Adams Hotel close to the airport, I am told it has a kitchen also.

Hotel owners are a little slow, when a person leave after one night there is a reason, a person does not complain, they are not brave enough, they are angry, the just leave.

Poeple that stay are saying good things about you hotel and are not very helpful, the ones that leave can tell the owner how to improve, personally I believe that only about 1 percent of the owners would care.