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Grenada Walking Tour

2006-02-10 09:09:00

Grenada Walking Tour

Start walking along the water, go up the hills and come down, you cannot get lost in St Georges.

I went for a long walk for me, about three hours along Lagoon Road here in St George�s the main city port of Grenada. The place is a long road along the water, the two lane road is fast and furious a little dangerous and so much traffic it is even hard to cross. There are two main bays here or harbors. One centers on these old red English style phone booths and the other around the Foodland grocery store. The Foodland grocery store area has about 4 guesthouses close however a long walk to the internet caf�. The Hurricane still can be seen here, as many buildings are beat up, I am seeing that staying in the Mitchell�s guesthouse was the best move, I have not found many of the Guesthouse on the list I have, however I have found many.

The bottom line is this, St Georges is or maybe could be a jumping point for other locations, hard to imagine wanting to stay for a long time, unless you are in a Sailboat and need some minor repairs. Then maybe you can get a nice room in the R.S.R Apartments and be close to the boat area or the foodland, however not close to the internet. A dinghy would be the best way to move around; however, I am not sure where you dock it next to the internet. I suppose you must think of what they call maxi-vans in Trinidad however something else here.

The have Red normal size vans, in Mexico they call them Combi, these run all the time up and down for I guess two Grenada Dollars� hmm, not sure, I guess they are Dollars, however you need to have correct change maybe. Easy to snag and many stops all along the waters edge. I am told it is only 2 dollars to get to the Grand Anse beach so this is where there may be bikinis, the place is very quiet presently, I am not sure what to say.

I am going to go to the Grand Anse beach and if not exciting I will book my next flight, there is a possibility I would go and look for the cinnamon farms or estates near Grandvillle, or on the road to Grandville.