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Geography 101

Geography 101

I feel like I am in some Geography course in University and there is no teacher, I have to learn by home study. Geography is not clear to me, I know these sounds like a typical American thing, and however I am sure I know Geography ten times better than most. However, there is so many spelling or interpretations of these Islands in the Caribbean and names it is hard to understand where I am located. I have words like - Windward and Leeward and West Indies, and Greater Antilles and such, these words meant something to someone, however I have to slice, dice, chop, and ground them until I understand them. I know the person that use them are just associating the name with the areas and not trying to understand why.

Example: Why is the Middle East call the - MIDDLE or EAST, there is always land east of any location on the planet. Does it have to do with the Greenwich Time line, with England being the colonization country, the propagator or English? What does all this mean, I am always trying to clarify and understand. It is only good for cocktail conversation and in the end, I am sure nobody cares about the name, except for the person living or visiting, and I doubt on the latter.

I have this masters list of countries, I try to sort, define, add different ways they say this, like the formal way, the common way, the abbreviated way of writing or typing. Then you go the non-roman way or the transliteration ways.

Oh well, eventually I will reach that plateau where I have exhausted all possible ideas on how to expand this list. I want to use it as navigation thingy on my site, I am going to have to work from what is positive, and then work on what I am negotiating with myself. For example a person could type in Saint Vincent or St Vincent, not the same, however the same, needs a clarifying identifier.

How would you like to be Christopher Columbus and have to think up names for all of these places, even if they were tempory just for conversation with the crew.