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Gay Barbados

2006-02-24 07:00:00

Gay Barbados

Friday February 24, 2006, 7:44 AM

I am in some not in the guidebook Guesthouse paying 37 U.S. Dollars for a place I would normally pay 3 dollars for, what a change in life. I am used to living pretty good, hard to believe the quality of a room has very little to do with price.

Gay Barbados

A guesthouse here seems to be what I would think of as a boarding house. It is a large house with many rooms rented out, and everyone shares the common areas.

Therefore, I wrapped a towel around my naked body, grabbed my room key, walked to the common toilet, it is around 7:00 in the morning. The good drunk tourist should stay in bed. However I walk towards the kitchen, right next to the toilet, (not good)

I enter the room.

- Three men turn around and stare, pause, then ask me if the food in the counter was my food. I have only been here 15 hours, these three guys know that.
I am getting the look from these guys as if they do not want me to know what they are thinking.

Gay Barbados

Some man, a large man, a big man, a man, really like a big boy, maybe a big black fat man, a big fat black young man introduced himself.

I was walking from the guesthouse area where I am located towards the grocery store; I did not realize yet, that I was in the not-beach-tourist-area. It is a beach 50 steps away; however, everyone is wearing clothes, shirts, and maybe some socks with sandals. The ratio to socks with sandals is about 1-10, however there is some good 1�s here.

However, I am strolling along, trying to find a 7-11 type store, normal in tourist areas. A place to buy food on every corner. There is almost zero, I have not found any, I have found two grocery stores, which is better, however not a - Convenience Store - I was looking for convenience. Nonetheless, this man stops me in the street, very polite, big, and ask where I am from, what I am doing, etc, he is strolling the street, looks to be a good guy, of course Gay guys can always be more than just friendly, they can be overly personal. This is a good thing, not a bad thing, so I do not care. However he passes, I unhook my hand, then say good-bye, nice to meet you, etc. He is hard to understand, I keep saying, what, excuse me, not understanding. This is not good for the Gay guy, I have to lean closer, he is getting too emotionally involved in this conversation. I need to lean away. I need to be more Homophobic, it would keep me out of these conversations if I were really scared, nervous or annoyed.

The lady boys of Thailand remove any nervousness from me, about Gay people or Homosexuals or other forms of negotiable gender persons.

Whatever the case, this many turns around, comes back my way, collides with my path, sort of stays on the path. I am going back to my guesthouse, I am tired of searching for food with no shirt, it does not work. The man stalls at the gate, I am very thankful for the gate, he knows this is a line in the sand; he cannot cross without an invitation. Barbados is more civilized and this person has restraint, manners, and knows a little about something.

He stands there with me at the gate, he keeps talking, I cannot understand him, his language is off a little from my dialect, he speaks too softly, he is too nervous.

I am cracking up, laughing to myself, this guy thinks he should talk to me; I got this feeling I am in some type of semi-gay area, where the local are not sure.

I stand at the gate and say,

- Good-bye -

A no comment, you do not have a permission to comment goodbye, no open, no way he can feel he gets to comment goodbye. I am unhooking from this Fat man, too friendly type.

It makes me empathize with women, they must get really annoyed when I just will not leave, however there are times when a guy not leaving works. I think this is the hope of this man.

The clincher was this, he said

- I like you blue swim shorts, they look good on you -

I am on the world famous diet designed by me, I am feeling very fat, not in prime shape, I need to make the package of cereal better boxed so the girls of the planet want to eat. Therefore being on my world famous diet, designed by me, I am positive I am not looking great in my blue pants, except maybe to a man of nebulous gender, hoping to get anything, knowing he is very fat and has little hope in any gender range.

My diet is this.

- I do not eat -

The less food in the body, the more pounds or kilos I lose.

I try to starve myself, I do not care, I want to be smaller, healthy choice, a quick fix, and it works. I am addicted to everything, I know the best way to give up or stop an addition is to not practice your addiction.

OK, so there are many signs of some Gay Barbados, the third on the list guesthouse in the Lonely Planet for the budget places says it is Gay Friendly or some weird comment. I think this is some writer�s game of a way to say, there is gays in the area. This area is not Gay, it just has some Gays, the whole world has some Gays, and some countries have more than others do.

Actually, I believe or think if I could figure out where the Gay beaches of the planet are located, then I could find some of the best full of girls in small bikinis areas. I really like Key West, however for sure there is an inordinate amount of Gays in Key West.

However, there are also many pretty girls.

What happens I think is this; the Gays are a much more in touch with their feminine side, go figure. They are more sensitive to their needs, their wants, and they spend a lot of time looking for S E X. They are good at focusing on their goals. I on the other hand wander around; hate to do research on a place before I go to the place. In the end, I do not dream about places to go, I go them places.

The Gays do lots of research.

They know where the most beautiful places on the planet are located.

They congregate or group at some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Therefore, they seem to research better, find the better beaches, and then they come, of course if the beach is a good beach, there will also be many pretty young girls. That is the association I need, a way to find where there are the better bikini fashions on the planet.

The bottom line is this, a deserted beach is solitary confinement for me, I hate a completely deserted beach. Contrary to any crap you have ever heard, it is very easy to find a beautiful beach. What is hard to find is a beautiful beach with just the perfect mix of people, facilities, restaurants that has yet to turn into a tourist trap.

A small friendly, personal beach, nice conversation without high rise hotels is great, however as soon as they become great, they then start to become not-so-great, they go over the hill and start to go down. Then they can be great girl watching beaches, however they will never again have that mom and pop, meet many hangers around, cheap, easy to make friends beach. It will turn into a Karaoke, Brit bar, theme restaurant place where you need to wear a shirt to walk on the street.

I will say it again, every man, woman and dog on the planet should spend one month of their lives in a place where they never wear shoes. Going barefoot, native, no attachment to social needs of some planet will someday explode and disappear.

I like a completely barefoot beach life.

Barbados is great so far, some good colors on the beach.

(You ever wander if the spell checker will inadvertently change the meaning of the sentence. I do not like to go back and read, this is one of them post where I get the feeling I need to be careful. I have learned many times that persons like to read into things more than there is there. )

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