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FREE WIFI in Trinidad Airport

2006-02-09 07:24:00

FREE WIFI in Trinidad Airport

This is my first time I have encountered free Wireless or Wifi Internet in an airport, most of the time it is this pay too much for connection with you credit card, not my idea of safe and secure.

Amazing, and nice, I believe for business or marketing they should do this in all airports as a big welcome sign for the country, we aim to please, this may very well just be an accidental open connection.

I am in the - NO MAN LAND -

I have check out of the country, departed legally, however I am not in Grenada, I am in - NO MAN LAND - the county or lack of country in between countries. I will fly at 10:20 or something with LIAT Airlines, I purchased the ticket online, nobody here on this side has asked about an onward ticket. Many of the travel agents would do this, as they know they can say this and scare you into buying a second ticket.

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