Free Wifi Antigua Airport

Free Wifi Antigua Airport

I am amazed, I think there are three free connections here in the Antigua Airport, I am in transit, in no-mans land between Barbados and Anguilla, however I am in the country of Antigua, however not in the country, ergo No-Mans Land. I have not idea how long my battery will last, the clock says 8:50 the time is really something like 9:30, I am not sure, I hope I am judging it right, I leave at 10:45 for Anguilla

One slip and I miss a plane, my time I have checked is 10:45 to depart with Liat Airlines. I am ecstatic to find some free wireless, contrary to any myths, the free wireless when really traveling are hard to hop on, the cost here in the airport is 12 Dollars US per hour for the box computer that are available, or 3 Dollars U.S. per 15 minutes.

Maybe Gary wrote me with the address of his friends in Anguilla, like most of the world they only really do email Monday to Friday, so a dollar short and a day late if there is not an email in my box already too late to adjust any plans.


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