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First Night to Sleep On Boat

First Night to Sleep On Boat
Monday February 6, 2006, 6:43 AM

We lowered the boat into the water from the dock Sunday, proceeded a small ways out into the harbor and dropped anchor. There was a small leak in second from the bow, starboard side of the boat storage compartment. Donald the manager, possibly owner of the Powerboat Shipyard in Chaguaramas came into the boat and between Bill and him, they solved the problem. There are adjustments inside the boat that can be made to either loosen or tighten the structure of the boat; I believe this is what they adjusted. The boat presently is not leaking badly or causing many problems with water. Everyone has clothing, personal items, and various books lying in the side shelf compartments. I know that one leaks water or possible does not leak water, instead maybe Jokob does not close the windows, we are discovering a checklist of window, hatches, or doors that need closed or lowered when it rains. Therefore, Craig and I are now quickly closing them when it starts to rains. It rained yesterday for about 2-3 hours in a light drizzle, not enough to really make an opinion on the leaks from rain. The Captain Bill swept about 4 gallons of water out of the floor beneath the galley with his new shop vacuum he purchased from another boater. We needed to turn on the generator to use the shop vacuum, I believe there is suppose to be a bilge pump for this area; however, it was removed and not completed or reinstalled.

I slept well on the boat, there are no waves to speak of in the harbor, therefore zero problems presenlty with seasickness.