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Easycruise.com in Grenada

2006-02-10 09:43:00

Easycruise.com in Grenada

This is a photo of the Easycruise.com cruise ship as tied to the dock here in the bay or harbor of St Georges Grenada. I was told by Johnnyjet.com that I could if I wanted maybe write to them and get a free cruise. I am not big on cruise or being nice to get free trips so thought it was better, I avoid this idea. However, a good idea and not a bad suggestion, I was lucky to be in a location when one of the Easycruise.com ship was docked. I use the Easyjet.com airlines in Europe and feel they are top notch, much better than the Ryan air.com one, however presently these low cost carriers are becoming very numerous in Europe.

I am going to get on the easycruise.com site and see what it says.

http://www.johnnyjet.com the one that told me about Easycruise.com


This is a small lighthouse I believe on top of a high point, when I was walking over the top of this hill I spied both the easycruise.com ship and this lighthouse. There are some interesting buildings on the top of the higher points or some great old homes. Most of the older buildings are gone, very little colonial type architecture, more of the more recent square type concrete construction popular or common in the world. However, there are some real beat up buildings, I am taking photos of a few.

A Pelican I think relaxing on the buoy in harbor next to the Easycruise.com ship.

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