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Crew Lost on Shore

Crew Lost on Shore

Jokob went yesterday to help sail with a group of boats in some type of race. He never returned to the boat, did not call with his hand held raid, we announced he was missing on the channel 68 net at 8:00 that he was not to be heard from.

Nobody on the boat was worried that he never communicated that he would not be returning to the boat´┐Ż? Hmmmm

We located him at about 9:30 AM when he decided to call or radio the boat to explain that he was on the shore. We was in the process of arranging all the last moment check list of needs for the boat and was loading the boat when he called. Therefore, it was fortunately a very good time to return to shore with his one dinghy.

We are making a list of dinghy jokes.

I am surmising or trying to assess what I would do if I buy a boat; I really believe it is an 85 percent chance I buy a boat eventually for a home away from other homes. In the event I buy a boat, I will want crew for company and small helps; I need to figure out a rough guideline for how to have crew, how to deal with crew, what are the commitments between the crew and the captain.

This is a recon mission in many ways for me as I wish to learn my limitations, my desires and my capacities to sail.

What is the recommended way to deal with a situation when a crew that was planning or said they would call and return to the boat does not call or communicate. He was on many boats and had the communication ability of many boats to borrow their radios in the event the handheld did not work.

We only have one dinghy presently, we have to shuttle and communicate closely so that the four person on the boats can travel between the boat in the water at Chaguarams Trinidad Boat Yard and the shore.