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Creole Shack Karaoke in Grenada

2006-02-11 09:15:00

Creole Shack Karaoke in Grenada

I fell asleep too early by accident and work up at 11:30 PM and could not sleep, being it was Friday night I decided to walk around and see what bars were opened. I had seen this something social club that was unisex, however looked like a second floor bars on the side of the hill just down the street. It was closed, and then I walked to the Tout Babay and it was closing, the women at the place did not know of any place. Luckily, I was walking around towards the Tropicana Hotel and the Creole Shack was open, there were people singing to the Karaoke machine.

(I found out they are calling hair cutting places - Bars)

What an interesting time, I am in a bar with many fashions, from the long braided similar to dread look, however not dreads. The football jersey with the backwards hat, the very fat woman that waddles around in long dresses. The very tight wrapped girls, think, slinking and what make life good. Formal looking men with great Hawaiian type shirts, however with much more taste. I would like one of them shirts.

Everyone was a black person, except me and this one something person, I think she would be maybe white, however physically she has a wide butt and who knows, she could be a little black, a lot white, even some Indian in her, I suppose there were a few Indian type looks.

Everyone stopped and looked, not a lot of reaction, not many big smile, more the normal look you over, however everyone was great. No USA anti-white problem going on here, more of the - what do you want - more curious and not aggressive like I might encounter in the USA.


I was amazed here I am in a bar, many person are choosing songs to sing a long with the words on the screen and they are singing close to western music, sort of pop, not Bob Marley or the Soul Train type, only a mixture of Billy Joel, Kenny Rogers, and few love song where two person sang. I do not know the names of the singers, however here I am in a very large Karaoke bar and they are singing what I would expect to hear in a white only, country and western bar. One man did have on a cowboy hat and cowboy boots; however, most were dressed in sort of urban wear.

I sat around for about one hour, listened to the singers and watch; it was great, a very comfortable and culturally interesting place. I am happy, the ever-present Bob Marley world is too much, the hip-hop, and reggae is too much, there was no balance here in the Caribbean until last night. I now can feel or see there is not just one brand of music culture, I like this as I am feeling very old and not in touch with the persons.


I found a place called the Lazy Lagoon, the - Authors Choice - for guesthouses in the Lonely Planet Guidebook I have, it is ok, but what it is for sure is a Bob Marley Tribute. I was cracking up; I knew if I walked over to the what you may say is the - White - Guesthouse I would expect to find many French White People and a few Black guys trying to score, I was hoping a few black girls. However, nonetheless I was sure to be in a - Bob Marley - world, hard to avoid so far in the Caribbean. Music is everywhere on the planet, however some genres of music overwhelm areas.

Bob Marley Tribute on the wall of the Lazy Lagoon

Creative wash sink in the showers of the Lazy Lagoon, this is pretty much as cheap as you can make something, the lever below the coffee pot is a normal inline valve, works, however for sure saves on buying the expensive fixtures of a normal toilets. This is a completely concrete room, reminds me of Mexico where they make a lot of furniture out of concrete. The colors are great, distract from the fact it has very few normal fixtures, more just a concrete-and-go world. A cheap, attractive way of making primitive looks sophisticated, however in reality still primitive. It does have hot water and a small hot plate, seems to be a Frenchie place, trying to change.

I believe these would be about all the colors in one of them Bob Marley Knitted stocking caps, I do not know of the toilets are part of the decorations or they are doing repairs. It reminds me of the Earnest Hemingway house in Key West where he said he had used the one in Sloppy Joes enough that he felt he owned the toilet, so had one in the front yard. Kind of a be tacky enought to be fashionable look.

Whatever the case, I came closer to understanding the culture of Grenada yesterday. I also sat on the porch of the Mitchell�s guesthouse last night before sunset and said hello to the persons walking by. I am making friends with the girl next door with a couple of children, she live in one room shack, I think her house was destroyed in Hurricane Ivan and never rebuilt properly. However, she says hello, I say hello and we are working through the process of figuring out how to be friends.

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