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Computer Problems in Grenada

2006-02-11 09:15:00

Computer Problems in Grenada

Saturday February 11, 2006, 7:15 AM

I am having computer problems in Grenada. I am not sure what is happening, it feels like the same problem as when I was in Khon Kaen and a man from Florida fixed it by reseating all the RAM memory, hard drives etc.

I just opened the back of my computer and reseated all of the connections. I removed all of them and reconnected them to the computer. I first unplugged the computer, and then I removed the battery. Then I use a small Philips screwdriver I carry in my pack for just this reason. I was getting a blue screen sometimes, with the corrupt signs, sometime it would start to disk not connected, click enter to open, however would not open, and then many I I I I I I on the screen one time. This same problem occurred before, I took it to the Bangkok Hewlett Packard maintenance place, and they did something. However, it could be just connections. I HOPE.

It was just connections before; presently it appears to be running good. Funny how just a small connection can cause it to just randomly stop or go whacked. It feels much better now. I was worried

- Taxi Drivers Throw Bags-

When I got in the Van or shared a Taxi with the couple from Canada to St Georges I put my small backpack with the computer in the rear of the Van, not a good idea, however I was not thinking. In the end in the bag, it feels like a backpack and not a computer. Well, he jumped out and unloaded the bags of the Canadian couple first. I think he gave my bag a small through. Taxi drivers are one-step above a used car salesman, somewhere around a travel writer status. The ones in the Airports are gougers, they are the worst, and they will do anything for money. Nonetheless culturally, and taxi wise this is the tropics person do not work hard, plus the backpack does look like you could throw it. I believe he gave it a throw, I am hoping it was only this that loosened the connection. If it more serious than I am in trouble. I also did a system restore to January 2, 2006, as this is way before the man in the Internet Caf´┐Ż was trying to install some WIFI connecter, special. I am getting tired of fighting the good fight to protect my computer. People will just do anything to the computer, I have to be very diligent and never allow or trust anyone to make changes. Taxi drivers should never touch the bag that has my computer inside of it.

I was stressed, the trip with the Odessa had made me upset, not happy, not wanting to be patient. I had tried so long to be patient with the nuts on the boat, I was in need of some freethinking area, free from trying to watch and care for everything.