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Cheaper Airport Taxis

Cheaper Airport Taxis

I am in the Barbados Airport, sitting on the floor in front of the departure station in front of the Liat Airlines, no chair, waiting very confused in No-Mans land, where I have I think already left the country, not sure, nothing is clear.

On the entrance to Barbados they had the normal queue of Taxis, I did not have any Barbados money so went searching for a Bank Machine. They had an exchange, however not what I do, I never have travelers checks. Very seldom exchange when entering, sometimes just for taxi money. However because the Barbados Airport has the ATM machines in the wrong area, the departure, I needed to walk to the departure entrance to the airport.

Well, I got my money, then walked out, flagged a taxi down, he only charged me 25 Barbados and not the 30 quoted.

Many airports have an extortion system of taxis, you must pay. Only way to avoid is to walk outside the airport. Not the safest or easiest thing to do.

I have learned in Bangkok, very organized place that when the queue is very long I can go up to the second floor and grab a taxi just dropping off passengers. The taxi does not have to pay all the pay to play in the airport fees, is very happy, no wait