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Chaguaramas Trinidad on the Hard

Chaguaramas Trinidad on the Hard
Saturday February 4, 2006, 6:54 AM

On the hard ground and not on the water, the water is soft, we are not in the water.

Craig and I are estimating the sail away from the dock day; it is cynical conversation about the boat and the trip, not optimistic and excited. The boat is presently like living in a body repair shop, there is painting still be done, there is almost nothing on the boat working perfectly.

I am not in control of my trip.

This is what I am feeling, I am always in control of when I come and go from a Hotel, there is very few times where I feel this way, and I guess I do feel this way in Europe with the problem of reservations. I like to know I can stay or leave. I am in control maybe, I could leave, however I am not in control of the body repair shop. There are parts of the boat scattered from one end to the other in the many little compartments. A boat takes every hollow area, puts on a door, makes a cupboard space, then on this boat they have stuff anything and everything into every compartment.

I do believe when the boat is in the water the repairs will slow down or stop, I want to clean the boat and get it organized, however I am stopping, there is no master plan, therefore I clean up the galley and the animal house members come in an destroy the place, more correctly Bill and Jakob. I am not a person that picks up after myself, I am very capable of dropping clothes, items, exactly where I finished used them. I do like to clean the ground in dirt, or the deep-seated grime that builds up on anything. The kitchen on the boat has not been cleaned well for at least one year of living inside the boat; the level of the grime in here reminds me of India.

A boat is meant to be in water, not on the hard, to find a boat to crew a person should be careful, a boat on the water is shipshape and ready to leave; a boat on the hard is having problems.

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