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Chaguaramas Photos Trinidad Splashed

Chaguaramas Photos Trinidad Splashed

Inside of MacGregor 65 of Captain Bills on the hard at Chaguaramas Trinidad

Todo list or priority launch list for the Odessa

Historical Data on Chaguaramas

Ginger Loading, this maybe will stop seasickness, Craig and I both bought some and are experimenting now with teas, etc, chewing.

A lighthouse on top of a restaurant in Chaguaramas Trinidad and Tobago.

The unknown type of bird on the shore of Trinidad

Captain Bill -- On Land

From Left to Right - Craig from Arizona, Captain Bill from Canada - Jokob from Germany

Courtesy Flag of the country of Trinidad, the other object is a radar marker that makes our boat easier to find by radar.

Michael the man that brought our boat to the drop zone in Chaguarams, seem very competent.

Mash Sign - M.A.S.H. A sign like the one on the show Mash, Indiana is not on it.

Mr Clean without the earing... a.k.a. Craig - The Matador

Powerboats Harbor or Shipyard in Chaguaramas Trinidad and Tobago

Captain Bill, first day on the soft, nothing to do with off the sauce.

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