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Cell Phone Saves Money on Hotels

Cell Phone Saves Money on Hotels or Guesthouses

The operative word here for savings is the word - Guesthouses -, hotels means big money.

Getting a reservation means I would pay a fortune, to find the Mom and Pop Guesthouses is my best option, however if they are not in a group or cluster, say there is not a street as is common where all the cheaper hotels or guesthouse are located it can be a problem. Sometimes there is only one guest house in the area, then a long walk to the next. I have about 80 pounds on my back and front, I do not like to walk. The taxi systems are expensive, unreasonable and not helpful, the small van size buses so far appear common, they are more helpful, however so far most Caribbean people look at me like - I cannot be bothered, get out of my face -.

However say I am at the airport, or the country before, I can call three guesthouse, or better yet I can email them and ask them to call me back. I doubt they will either read the email or call me back, however, the really sharp ones would. Most Guesthouses would put an email however never check it, they will answer the phones in some countries. I expect in the Caribbean they will answer the phone, land lines so far are common. I can call, NOT get a reservation, however check in, see what the guesthouse has to say, is there a room, will the pick me up, can I save on TAXI fare? However it takes a big saving to pay for the 50 dollars it just cost me to buy the SIM CARD and time on the pre-paid card.

The SIM is supposed to work for 5 countries or more, who knows for sure, however, I can try.

MY METHOD of finding guesthouses is more or less this.

1. Find Cheap ones in Guidebook.
2. Search for Mom and Pop listing page for the country on internet.
3. Read the guidebook, read the list, go on my instincts, older areas are cheaper than new. Take a taxi to one of the guesthouse or take the van if I can fight away from airport. I now going to try to take ferries to escape the taxi scammers.
4. Ask person in the hotel, on the plane, on the bus, in the airport for recommendations.
5. Arrive early enough to take my time and find a room.

The cell phone will save on paying two TAXI fares because I go to a full guesthouse.
I can check the prices and go to the cheapest.