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Caribbean Tour

Caribbean Tour

I am still in Geography 101, and I am positive I know Geography better than 99 percents of the planet. I had a lesson, I am still having a lesson, I will continue to have a lesson, I do not think I will ever stop.

Anguilla has a Spanish name maybe, however it mean an Eel, the big slippery long type, is part of an area divided up by the French, Spanish, British, USA, and Netherlands. It is a cluster of cultures, extremely abnormal on the planet. Ooops, I should say African also, this makes me frustrated and angry at myself. This area is 70 to 90 percent African, it is not correct in my sensibilities to ignore this fact, not an opinion.

I had a conversation with a man and women from Minneapolis yesterday, she was giving me a lesson in where to go and where not to go in St Maarten or Saint Maarten or Sint Maarten or Saint Maarten it goes on and on, however this is more or less the gist.

You have a Netherlands, Dutch or Holland side.

You have a French Side of this SAME Island.

I can take a ferry from Anguilla to this Island place with many name for 12 U.S. Dollars I believe, however not sure yet, the taxi to get to the Ferry would cost more than the Ferry.

This area of the world is convoluted, mixed, very small islands, however each has a specific nature, culture, maybe a race involved. What becomes even more confusing is the tourism reasons that have evolved. I am not clear, there seems to be a couple of groups.

Casinos allowed on Island versus Casinos not allowed Islands.
French full of rules Islands, versus the not full of rules (Maybe Dutch)
Cost of Hotels is very High versus maybe Mass Tourism Package Deals.

I am on Anguilla, this is an Island that would fit into the cost of the Hotels is very high, maybe to stop, no, the correct idea is to maybe create a sense of luxury. St Barts or Barths is I feel at this moment the same, they have very high prices to create that sense of exclusivity.

I am trying to learn how to travel to many locations. St Maarten French and Dutch side, this is easy. Then I have Saba, Saint Eustatius maybe Stat or Statia in common words, I am still trying to figure this out.

What is here is a cluster of maybe countries, elongated, arm length, however maybe a protectorate, autonomous region, Island country, something along them names or words that defines a location on the planet. The Sailors have a name, the Tourism industry has names, the locals have a name, the county that protects or administer has a name, and of course you have the Francophone - Anglophone problem. The Frenchie versus the English thingy, it is trying to my organizational skills to categorized or sub-categorize, there is no obvious pattern. It is the view you take, from a tour package point of view, from a Yacht point of view, or from a Language point of view.

I am 90 percent sure I should stay away from this subject when talking with anyone that has ever come here and traveled. Unless of course I want to get into a belittling conversation where the person I am talking with assumes they understand the area very well and talks down to me as if I do not understand. They will know maybe their viewpoint very well and will be talking very clearly from the Tourist point of view, and the travel agent sold me point of view. If I bleed over into the Sailor point of View, or the Columbus point of view, or maybe the Netherlands point of view I could annoy them as they could not see that this has something to do with it maybe.

I am not even close to understanding all the possible snapshots I could take of this area, however for sure the conversations have completely left out the blacks at this juncture. I am in a 100 percent black area of Anguilla, this is great for me, plus the room is only 20 U.S.A. dollars per night.

Yes, I am in a Eastern Caribbean Money area or a 50/50 area, the prices are in Eastern Caribbean Dollars, however they will take U.S. Dollar easily. This is another viewpoint, are you in an take U.S. money point of view or in a price the items in Eastern Caribbean point of view.

I did my research, found that Anguilla was an Eastern Caribbean money country and I could hold on to my money I received from the Bank Machine in St Vincent or Kingstown Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Yes, there is also the City versus the Country point of view, this map below shows all the cities, however when I blow up the one area the Island Countries start to take value as opposed to only the countries. It has to also do with Ferry or boats travel or they maybe newer form of Airplane Travel, as you like, maybe Ferry Terminals versus Airports.


This is pointing out a specific area or the area of Islands where I am located. Convoluted to understand, takes a lot of study to figure out, and maybe a nut to care. In the next view below as it get larger the city versus country perspective is change. It will be hard to find the city, however easier to see the country.


There are may words in this map, what to call the places becomes a lottery.


St Martin
Sint Maartin

Leeward Islands Netherlands (Saba St. Eustatius St. Maarten)
St. Maarten
Sint Maarten
Antigua and Barbuda
British Virgin Islands
Caribbean islands
Caribbean Sea
Guadeloupe & Deps.(Marie Galante)
Leeward Islands French (St. Martin St. Barts)
Leeward Islands Netherlands (Saba St. Eustatius St. Maarten)
Navassa Island (What is this?)
Netherlands Antilles
Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts and Nevis
St. Barths
St. Eustatius
St. Kitts
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Maarten
St. Martin
Virgin Islands British (Tortola etc.)
Virgin Islands U.S. (St. John St. Thomas)
Virgin Islands UK
Virgin Islands USA
St Johns City
Saint Johns City
Sint Maarten

Caribbean Tour

I am having fun trying to learn where I am, it really does not matter, unless you are crazy enough to buy land or build a home in these areas. I would call it a throw away investment or a who cares I will blow the money to say I have a home here situation. I got picked up by a car yesterday here on Anguilla, if you walk they seem to stop and pick you up, the person lived on Shoal Bay, you have east and west, I think they was on Shoal Bay West, they must have went to Shoal Bay East to lay in the sun or to visit some bar or person. Nonetheless they picked me up and said they had came to Anguilla numerous times. Everyone is friendly, I think I am into the range of making money where the person no longer cares they have money, they are positive and tries to hide instead of the middle management put it in your face style.

These people have a home, come here like a snowbird in Indiana would go to Florida, however they landed in Anguilla. Hard to figure out, hard to understand, however they come here regularly. I personally believe is just a chance or happen to happen sort of thing. They started on one trip, then repeat and repeat, maybe start to visit a few more island however just stick to coming back to the same place because they enjoyed the place. Then because they are American they HAVE to buy, they cannot stop themselves, they feel this I need to BUY IT mentality. I cannot just visit, I have to buy it.

Not to me a good idea, you can come here, change, live high on the hog and not get married to the island.