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Caribbean Ferry

2006-02-13 08:38:00

Caribbean Ferry

Sunday February 12, 2006, 7:10 AM

I am driving myself crazy, trying to figure out how to go from country to country here in the Caribbean Islands.

I think for sure the best way to see all the island could be by a yacht, however than you have to spend all your time protecting the yacht, hard to jump on a bus and go to the other side of the island when you know you yacht is unprotected. If I have crew, than I am responsible for the crew, if I am a passenger on a yacht than there appears to be lots of rules and regulations.

Cruise ships see less than a snapshot of the islands.

Ferries or small flights, there is a jump of about 100 miles between Trinidad and Tobago to Grenada, then after this, the jumps are very small, I am trying to study all the transportation to see if there is a way to take ferries between each of the islands. Being crew on a boat severely limits my travel I see, as the Captain is going to spend most of his or her time protecting the boat, or just not being happy that a crew person is roaming around and not coming back to the boat.

Craig is hedging his bets, living on the boat to save money, however he has to return to the boat. I saw and - Limed - with him, this is still the phrase I guess, it means to hang around together. Well, he wanted to go to this club last night, I am not sure if he made it or not, however I have no idea how he would get back to the boat at night.

There is a good network of small red vans that travel around inside of Grenada, however hard to suss out the exact paths. What is more complicated is to find a hotel in the land of gouge priced hotels. The only ones around long enough to know the prices are the locals, however they do not live in the cheaper hotels or guesthouse, therefore do not know. I am going to hit up the USA Peace Corp persons here; she may know how to get around better than anyone may.

I think I could take Ferries from here to the north, maybe all the way to Puerto Rico, however I am not sure I can get to Barbados without flying, however this is airline hub or gate so it seems easy to make the jump there from about any island. Price is always the consideration; however, I can see that hotels are the land mines. I was telling Craig or recommending to Craig, do not think about cities, think how you can jump from Hotel to Hotel, and not city to city. The hotels are more important than the cities; you first have to sleep somewhere, than you can explore the cities.