Camouflage Barbados

Camouflage Barbados

Camouflage shorts or clothing are not allowed in Barbados. I was entering the airport when the guy at immigrations said that my pants were illegal. I said, ok, I will change them when I get past the customs area.

The I go to customs area, the man says again they are illegal, however this time he makes me enter the toilet and change my pants.


The Caribbean has a complain at you culture. In both instances of this problem in the country of Barbados and most any country I have entered in the Caribbean the person gave me an order or said a statement.

No, excuse me sir, I am sorry, I need to tell you, and you need to change your pant.

- Your pants are illegal-

No suggestion, no help, just an order.

The Custom guy did the follow me routine. The bums in the road, the venders here or most all of the Caribbean I believe do the




I want to say - Hey, shut up -

I ignore them or give them the finger wag, the finger wag cannot be fought with. However they are not good at listening, they are violent and want respect, even though they do not deserve any respect, they have no manners.

Now in the customs department the guy said follow me, I am wondering if this is some type of pay back for slavery. Now is our turn, we will tell you what to do. Manners and respect for persons is to me the largest sign of development on the planet. Not obeying, or even disagreeing, I do not care if France disagrees or Germany.

Giving orders is only needed when the culture is so low that the only way each person talks with another is by screaming. I worked concrete in the USA for a couple of years. I was with the low lives of society, they only understood a direct comment. Very hard to get them to focus unless you raised your voice and almost hollered. A macho world and not my idea of fun, however I am good at it.

Tourisms departments of the world seem to need a marketing lesson in how manners are and how to introduce themselves, how to say hello, how to be better than McDonalds. Manners is the best sign of development. Just starting to talk, no introductions, these are signs that the person will forever be poor. A business needs to know that the contracts will be respected. Manners is a good start.