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Boat to Union Island Grenadines

Boat to Union Island Grenadines

I am planning on taking a boat from Carriacou Island, country of Grenada to the Island in of Union in the Island group of the Grenadines, of the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines. What confusion, hard to explain where I am or the country where I am located. A person needs to be a geography genius to know all this not so needed information.

Ok, just above the country of Grenada is another Island, outside the country of Grenada. It is about 10 miles north of here, nonetheless, I am wanting to get on a boat today. I am told the boat leaves on Monday and Thursday at around 12:30, maybe before, so I need to be very careful to talk with the Captain of the boat to let him or her know I am on the boat. (Is the word Captain, a masculine and feminine type word?


There is a huge wind today, I am not happy, I believe there will be larger wave, it is early and time for the heat of the day to burn off the cooler night weather. The day could turn more foul or it could become great. I wish to plan, I believe I will get on the boat if it leave no matter of my fear or waves, I am not afraid of waves, I am afraid of getting extreme motion sickness or seasickness. I will take the dramamine medicine I purchase now, I hope it is the proper amount of time before the trip.

The directions are not clear, it says to take one half to one hour before trip for the first dose and then one to two 4-6 hours and not more than 8 in one 24 hour period. I am thinking the trip is only about one hour in duration. Therefore if this is to work, or have a chance to work, I would think I need to have this medicine in my system. I do not know how it works, it is something that is cumulative, stays or become part of the blood systems or how does it effect. I guess I can try to read my encyclopedia on my computer.

It does not say, there is a need for an offline CD, I was told I would receive one when I went to the Convention last year in Frankfurt, Germany, however I never heard or connected with this idea. I hope there is one that can be used offline. There is this misconception or over how available the internet is, there is no way presently to get on the internet. I would have to be extremely organized to figure this out.

Advice like telling me to get on the internet is bad advice, fails to empathize with what is possible, however is a plausible solution if the world is perfect.

I live in very imperfect world and the world in a dysfunctional way expects the world to perfect, it is annoying to listen to the unreal perceptions and actually dangerous. For example like the people are just poor, the are really great persons, not just bum and can be very dangerous.


2 tablets 5-6 hours now taken before the boat. I hope the boat leaves at 12:30, therefore I will take 2 more tablets one half hour before or at 12 noon. I am hoping to know what time the boat leaves, however there is no positive way as this is just and island hopping boat and there is not even and office or at least the last 5 persons do not know. The Osprey Ferry office lady gave me a brochure to a Boat Taxi, and inferred there is not boat, I do not believe she is that stupid, she knows there is a boat to Union Island from Carriacou and will not tell me the truth. I feel this is part of the cultural nature, the power of knowing something and the withholding of information. I will never learn why persons want to have power more than they wish to help. I only walked in the office and asked. I am aware that I am a stereotype of a person that may have abused the black slave hundreds of years ago and it may just be a layover. I am a Man, White Skinned, Blond Haired, and Blue Eyes, the All American Stereotype, the archetype of a model of what the world keeps trying to hate. I am lucky I am not Israeli, the is another common enemy. To me this all about jealousy, not about reality, there is some reality, however a big fat, minority has an advantage in the modern world and use the trump card. I am feeling more and more that the world is discriminating against me, making my life difficult. Requiring me to be held to a higher level than others, this is not fair either, I do believe all person deserve to be treated equally.

Motion sickness, sea sickness, what a pain in the head.


From Encarta Encyclopedia -
- Motion Sickness, disorder that afflicts many people in varying degrees when they are subject to swaying motions, yawing, and pitching. The disorder can be experienced on ships (seasickness), in airplanes (airsickness), or even when traveling by automobile (car sickness). It is most likely to occur when motion is induced by rough sea, turbulent air, or curving, up-and-down roads. In mild cases it may produce only minimal nausea, and in severe cases it causes vomiting, dizziness, unsteady gait, loss of balance, loss of coordination, and even severe prostration. The disorder occurs because of excessive stimulation of the semicircular canals, a pair of minute organs located within the inner ears. Changes in position are normally recorded in the semicircular canals and transmitted to the brain. Symptoms can be minimized by riding in the center of a moving vehicle or over the wings of an airplane. A number of drugs, including meclizine (Antivert or Bonine), cyclizine (Marezine), and dimenhydrinate (Dramamine), when taken before exposure, are often effective in preventing motion sickness, although drowsiness may be a side effect -