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Bmobile Cell Phone

2006-02-13 08:39:00

Bmobile Cell Phone

I have no idea if this will really work, however I hope it works, I now have a cell phone telephone number that is suppose to work in a few of the Caribbean Islands north of here including Grenada.

I went in and said,

- Do you have a list of countries? -

They said at the Cable and Wireless office here in St. Georges, Grenada, very close to my Guesthouse of Mitchell�s. I was waiting until 10:00 AM so the internet would open, and thought I would give the cell phone a try again.

They said YES,

But could not find the list, the one smart girl started outlining all the countries, French This, windward that, excluding that, so I then said,

- Tell me the countries it does work in?-

Barbados is on the list and so if the next country north, called St Vincent and the Grenadines, I am sure will know the small world, geography of small countries, not ones anyone knows very well, very well here soon.

In the end, I got the SIM card and a 25 Dollar card for 40, up the anti to 75 card, paid 115 EC or East Caribbean Dollars or about 50 Dollars U.S. to have card that is not suppose to expire for one year. The expiration of the pre-paid is a bid deal. Ok, so I go the card, I have a number, I walk out, and the internet is still closed, go buy some bread rolls for a snack.

I realize, there is a area code for the telephone, I went back in and the extra-large size girl says,

1473 is the code.

She really said,

One Four Seven TREE

Nonetheless, maybe my telephone number for a month is:

1473 - -- 449-4650

I think the 1 is from the USA

1 (473) 449-4650, however for sure some lucky countries have the +, or the other maze of numbers to use to call me.

I am lost, maybe this is from the USA as I requested, I said, what does my mother dial to a call me, she said very slow, which I appreciated greatly.

One Four Seven TREE

I tried to wind her, but she did not bite.

I said,

- One Four Seven THREE OR TREE?

She repeated TREE.

This is an English speaking country, hard to know, however for sure the person in the Cable and Wireless were nice, helpful, and clueless as to whether this phone will really work in the other countries.

I asked aloud,

- Then I am set, this will work in Barbados -

She had set it on roam already, the price should be 1.99 for roam and 1.25 for locals; however what is local after I leave Grenada. I am not going to use this phone, incoming calls are free, however when the taxi is 25 U.S. I will call some hotels and hope. I am even thinking, maybe I can email them and tell them to call me as incoming calls are free, I hope, on roam, I know there is no cell telephone God and it is really a conspiracy to make my life expensive

I did learn the code to check the balance of minutes

Tree Seven Tree Tree


That may be a pound sign #

I am not sure, I asked Crispin the man if I dial the PLUS sign to get out, he said now, so the + sign is not in effect. Rats, this + sign give me the outgoing codes to get out of the country in some country, not all country and it a lottery. Strange, the Caribbean seems to be like part of the USA, I dial a 1 to call the USA, then the number; however, this is still hearsay, as I have not checked any of this information. The more complicated something is, normally the more expensive, sort of theft by confusion.

I had some fun, got my phone working, life is mobile, I asked the one skinny quiet girl if she would call me, she used the wrong excuse, she said, I do not have the number, it was on the screen in front of her.

In the end.


Most person are lucky if they know how to use a cell phone for their own country, they will say with an absolute tone in their voice, yes it will work anywhere, I asked have you been to anywhere, they have not, but it works.

As I was talking about BARBADOS a man walked over, I was packing to leave, he said,

- You are having the same problem as me-

- They said it was no problem in Barbados and would work here in Grenada -

Just the noise I do not want to hear, let me get the pain on my own, I do not believe for a second they got this figured out for anywhere farther than a bus ride away. That is as far as someone could come easily to complain.

But, there is always hope, I do know there is no telephone that will work in all countries, there is no such thing as worldwide coverage. 100 percent sure, you must do as I, just did, buy SIM card, hope life goes fast enough, and try not to understand, you do not want to know.

Great, I hope the internet is open.

This will all work, it is the same as the Guesthouse, she said,
- Yes, you have hot water, I have yet to figure out how or when? -