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Blogging the Truth

Blogging the Truth

To be or not to be the truth, is a person to suffer the pain and arrows of moral conflict, is the resolution of my thoughts for the world, or only for me, is my diary of my trip to be public, or is it a private affair.

I was explaining to the Captain I blog, I told him day one before we agreed, and I explain my whole trip on the blog. I just say what is happening and let if fly, he said last night as I was try to explain with care,

- I blog everything that happens.-

He said,

- That sounds like a threat.-

GEEZ, it is just the reality of life, I have music of crap to play everyday and it is getting monotonous the never-ending comments.

I FEEL it is kinder to get off the boat, I do not enjoy blogging what actually happens, life is not always meant to be observed on a daily basis. People tend to believe everyone lies, leave out the juicy stuff, denies the real world, or myself of saying what I am thinking.

I am already 5 points less stressed and happier by miles, it is nice to be part of the search for a beach with bikinis, life is mean to be a good game, and I do not like to feel like the game is watching us have problems.