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Bequia Island

Bequia Island

Monday February 20, 2006, 2:58 PM

I am now on the Island of Bequia, one of the Islands of the country of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines.

Pronounced - Beck Way -

Bequia has a great feel about it, only one hour away from Kingstown by boat, it really and easy hop, not difficult in the least to come here. Julies Guesthouse is just in front of the boat pier so very easy to find the first cheap place on the list. I am going to gag, hard for me to say 68.30 EC Dollars or about 28 Dollars U.S.A. is cheap, however around this price is cheap so far in the Caribbean. My room is definitely, what I pay 150 Baht for on Koh Pha Gnan, maybe a hair better. However, just the same at the end of the day, on that Island I have a private hut, and not a room in a row.

Leaving Kingstown City, Country of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Island I could see clearly what I believe is the Volcano on the Island.

This is probably a Sailboat or Yachter dream place as the harbor is extremely calm and putting down anchor looks to be simple. I would guess that 90 percent of the business here is yacht people. I was worried when I got on the boat and only 4 other tourist types were on the boat, but who can say, maybe they are all hiding.

This is maybe the ideal bay for a Yacht in many ways, you can just drop anchor, go onshore with the dinghy, walk the beach, shop, or eat at many small made for tourist restaurants.


I have found ZERO bikinis of not so far, I would say this is a more or a pale white folk with a big boat Island than a bikini lay on the beach island. I am hoping I am totally wrong and they are all on a beach just around the corner. My gut says no, there are no proper bikinis beaches here. Actually so far, the island does not have much of a dry beach, more or a shoreline, and not much dry sand. I am going to walk around and explore. For sure, this place is 10 times better than Union Island and does not even compare. There are beaches where the hotels or restaurants cluster or walk their way down the shoreline. This is Bequia, you can walk from place to place, restaurant to restaurant, however you cannot walk from Hotel to Hotel because I think all the tourist are yachties sleeping on the boat.