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Bequia Express Ferry

Bequia Express Ferry

Name can be fooling, I was on the Admiralty Ferry going from Bequia, Island to Kingston or St Vincent Island in SVG. The great thing about marketing is there is no connection between reality, truth and what you buy. A person like me can have a lot of fun deciding or seeing the truth. Here the word Express does not mean Express, just marketing word. The internet is rampant with over the top explanations for description of hotels, beaches, resorts. The idea that the more you pay is a connected, oops, no connection.

The one is called express and full of tourist or more than mine.

They cancelled the Bequia Express and I guess it does it often, I was wanting an express ferry, I like to be seasick for the least amount of time.

This is the GPS, they both left at almost exactly the same time, however the I was told because the Bequia Express is smaller it wobbles more and people get more seasick. I am glad I was on the Admiralty for 15 EC, I think the same price. These Ferries are more for cargo and I think passengers are extra cash.

A Frenchie girls looking way back at the Bequia Express. A fair race and the Admiralty won.