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Beach Confusion

- You can never be too rich or too tan -

Something said like this I believe by:

Aristotle Onassis
Turkish-born Greek shipping magnate

I am on the Island of Bequia, everyone has recommended I come to this beach, saying it is full.

Yes, it is full of tourist on boat, however there is almost ZERO beach life, at least my form of girls in bikini beach life, there is PLENTY of the sit around in restuarnts, sell you trinkets on the beach life, a great place for old persons who do not lay in the beach. It is actually amazing the percentage of pale looking bodies around.

Leisure is one of my standards of wealth, I was in the internet cafe listing to this overzelous canadian woman tell the staff to keep the door closed as the air conditioning was leaving.

- I think she has lost the plot -

We are on a Caribbean Island, life is suppose to go down to a leisure pace where nothing matter and what if it did, life is meant to be enjoyed, for sure the locals have this figured out they almost do not move. ristotle Onassis was trying or I feel he was trying to explain. The wealth of man comes down to how well he can avoid being busy doing inane or physical, stressful labor.

A TAN is a sign of doing nothing.

RICH is a sign of doing nothing or less.

Rich person do not work with their bodies in motion, they work with their brains in motion, lying on a beach, doing nothing to me is rich, for me to not have a Tan is a sign I am too busy, I do nothing most of the day, I try my best to do nothing, I explore how to do nothing, it is difficult in some cultures and in the Caribbean the boat persons are annoying. They spend too much time working on their boats and not enough time really being rich.

- You can never be too rich or too tan - Not many here are proving they are rich, and I do believe many wish to prove they are rich, however you cannot buy or pay enough to be rich, you have to be rich.


- Keep looking tanned, live in an elegant building (even if you're in the cellar), be seen in smart restaurants (even if you nurse one drink), and if you borrow, borrow big.-

Aristotle Onassis (1900? - 1975)
Turkish-born Greek shipping magnate (2)