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Batteries on the Sailboat

Batteries on the Sailboat
Sunday February 5, 2006, 6:15 AM

We have or I believe we have a large block of batteries on the sailboat, I know we have three cylinder electrical motor, I know this because Bill is talking about the broken motor mount and want me to fix or help. We was on battery power last night, thus the batteries are working, this is good, however this is a chain of events systems whereby all the parts must work. Bill has references or I felt he inferred that when the motor to the boat is running it is also charging the batteries. The life of the batteries is important.


I think to start the motor to the boat.
I think to run the radio to call the shore if a problem.

The batteries presently are being used to play the radio mostly and to run the lights on the boat, Bill purchased some very expensive German made 12-volt fans, I am thinking this is a 12-volt system, however I am not positive, and there are so many variables. We I believe are in a 220 Country, does this mean we have both a 220 and a 110 systems or do we only have a 110 and the marina only provides us with 110 because we are in a USA mentality or surround area of the USA with the mental solutions of the USA. The Caribbean is my guess overlaid heavily with the USA influence, many times more than the Central American countries, Trinidad culturally is similar to Panama, many organizational concepts of the USA, however at the end of the day not culturally the same, still a somewhat manana concept on life. Tropical weather makes person not take the world serious, priorities and getting work done is not part of the tropical cultures on the planet.

I have a book Bill gave me by a man called Chapman; this book is maybe 400 pages and has many details on boating. I am going to read it if possible; therefore, I can one-up the mental capacities and insure my safety and the crews.

My battery on my computer now says I have less than 50 percent of time on the battery, this is not accurate and when my computer gets down to about 25 percent it can just stop. There is an electrical inverter, connected by a cigarette lighter just behind a desk area close to the radio. Not a good place to place my computer to charge, because of too many people opening the fridge and moving without caution on the boat in this area. I personally only trust the judgment of Craig around my computer; the other two are like children and must be watched and anticipated constantly. The cord of the computer is like a rope where a person can trip over, pull on, or hook himself or herself, pull the computer on the floor and I have no computer because it will break. Water is abundant in this area as is water everywhere on the boat as we have found many leaky spots in the channels of storage. My Lonely Planet Caribbean now has a damage cover because it was sitting in a channel along the edges when it started to rain. Craig�s private area leaks or Jokob says it leaks; nothing actually is clear and predictable with any comments from Jokob as he is arrogantly irresponsible and not trustworthy. His judgments are based on what he wants to say and not on reality.

If I could buy a converter that would make a light bulb into a cigarette lighter connection or adapter I could convert one 110 normal type light next to my bed to a plug for the inverter and the computer would be safe. I am confused, why does this normal light bulb work, does it come on with 12 volts, I know a 110 light bulb will work normally in a 220 at least for a short while, however I have no knowledge of 12 volts and 110 and interchanging the light bulbs. I will have to quiz and try to focus Bill on the issue of electricity on the boat. I do wish to know if we are redundantly safe with our electrical, motor, and petrol systems. If the navigation abilities are not great, then the need for a motor may become more valuable than I wish. I would not go across the ocean with this boat presently we are only going along though very close islands; we are not really traveling in open sea. We are always within a short distance in many ways of the shore.

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