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2006-02-24 07:00:00


Friday February 24, 2006, 6:00 AM

Barbados, I country farther east than most of the Island, we could or may call the Caribbean. There appears to be an argument possible that Barbados is more in the Atlantic Ocean. I am learning that I need a geography expert and a map expert to further my education, too much gossip at the nonprofessional level.

Nonetheless, I am in a place with pretty girls on the beach, not an overwhelming amount; however, there is enough to be satisfactory that I am not proving to myself I am old. It makes me feel weak to be on a beach like the Bequia Island beaches, where everyone is over 60 and I am there. I have no desire to get, be, or think like an older person, I guess I want the wisdom, experiences; however, I do not want a person to think of me as old.

Nothing to be gained by being old, this is a comment said by a person that needs an excuse for all the reasons they are not longer vital or good at anything.

Barbados for sure is more civilized so far, or my impression of the Island is the people have are three, not two steps closer to being a top-level country. If I had not seen the roofs of all the buildings on the way down in the airplane, I would for sure say the place is upper level civilized. Where I am located is civilized, there seems to be some type of British use of the word proper going on, I can feel them here. There is more of the Good English influence here than the Islands south of here to Trinidad.

The tourist bubble is the problem for me here in the Caribbean, there is that cultural change happening on a large scale. The change that happens to a person when they have a na�ve traveler around that will pay 10 times the normal price for things. There is a gouge mentality that entails and annoying that the other tourist, not so much a traveler, however a tourist encourages you, shames you, in many ways forces you to pay a lot, for all the I wanna be rich and prove it person with low self esteem, think they can buy it by making the persons around them feel poor. Paying a lot of money and not caring about it is an insult. I did this to an obnoxious storeowner in Bequia, he had something for 1.5 EC and was being a jerk, so I gave him 2 EC and said,

- Keep the Change -

The only way to tell a person in any way shape of form they are a gouger is to pay them too much for something nobody would pay too much for, you do not tip the person in the grocery store or the bait shop.

Barbados is a breath of fresh air, a good clich�, needs to be used once in awhile or they will disappear.

Girls, Bikinis, Grocery Stores, plenty of cars, plenty of tourist facilities, like being on Miami beach before Cuba and Mexico invaded.